Sunday, March 02, 2008

Taiwan [10 more days]

It's been long enough since i last blog.. until my friend, leong leong said... "i 1 2 c wat u write there oso wait til my neck til very long adi"... hahahaha.. she must be very =.=" when she saw i wrote bout her! (You should be happy duh! Xp..)

>>1st March 2008
I went to a award giving+concert event at a place in KaoHsiung, called QiJin.. Hours of standing but worth it i guess? somemore free admission duh!!! hehehe.. Xp.. photo session..

the stage and the crowd

the venue of the event, beach..

Wang LeeHom [Dedicated to dear clone, ann ann and Miss Leehom super fan, Michele and to my brothers! Ah yuan and Kai Wen.. =)]

WuZhun, member of Farenheit [Dedicated to Miss B11, Ah Leong..]

JolinTsai [Dedicated to MissPink, Kah Mun..] and StefSun..

S.H.E and Farenheit.. [Dedicated to Miss Monitor, Soo Yoong and Miss Maggie, Xiao Hui and Miss Dragonfly, Xin Ting and Miss that got the same name as i do, Yi Wen..]

From left.. Tank, S.H.E., LeeHom, some you dont need to know who fella, JolinTsai, StefSun, Show..

>>2nd March 2008
Visited a place called MeiLong, a temple, and a nice place near the airport..

Beautiful flowers!!
Peacocks and birds.. and do you know wher i get to see them?

In the toilet man!!! u can do your business and watch the peacocks in the same time.. interesting and weird.. hahaha..

The Gents sign..
and the Ladies of course.. hahaha...

ME!! Me park the car lerh!! Drove it from basement2 to basement4 and parked the car! tho it's a bit to the left.. hahaha.. But duh!! driver seat at the left hand k!

That's all! =)


Mattster said...

wow wow!! someone drove(though from basement 2 to basement 4 =p)

wah... 10 more days!! =D

take care! :)

-priscilla- said...

wah lucky u can see so many hot stars!

Jeremy said...

Only 10 more days?
u've been there so long d har?

wow.. time flies... hehe

llydia said...

mmm. only 7 more days. :)

Jeremy said...

wei.. have u heard this?

Tuesday eh...

Jeremy said...

ooppss.. the link didn't appear..


STPM results out on Tuesday

PETALING JAYA: The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) results will be released next Tuesday.

Malaysian Examinations Council public relations officer Khawari Idris said school candidates could obtain the results from their schools from noon.

“Private candidates will receive their results through the post,” he said in a statement.

Candidates can also check their results via SMS by keying in STPM, followed by space and their identity card number and sending it to 39003 or online at from noon on Tuesday.

An analysis of the results will be available on the same day, he added.

A total of 66,047 candidates sat for the examination last year.

wen said...

to matt--
Yea man... Xp..

to pris--
Hehe.. yup yup.. very lucky..

to jeremy--
yup.. been here for quite a time ard lor.. it's ont time flies, just that you blur.. haha..

to lydia--
Woooo... it's you! haha.. saw you put a comment on matt's blog the other.. hehehe... you coming back malaysia too?? bila eh?

to jeremy (again...)--
yea, heard of the news ler.. thanks for the info.. =)

Jeremy said...

lu manyak manyak tipu orang!


siaw_lin said...

hey u saw wong li hom :D..ahhhh...he's so handsome. lol they've got good ideas. we shud put peacocks at our public toilets as well :D. i guess this gives a relaxing therapeutic effects. and my gosh those pics are obscene.

wen said...

to jeremy--
who you talking about? Xp..

to siaw lin--
yea he's handsome! and talented too! Xp.. yea lor.. the toilets really weird and cute.. hehe.. yea the picture.. hahaha...