Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Me and me result!


Me drive car to pick up two friends.. then.. reach school and took a very long time to make a reverse side parking... Please lar... Me no very good with parking... and me like so long didn't drive already... Xp.. Me sometime prefer got driver.. better!! haha..

Me walk in to school.. to pejabat.. Sadly.. our form teacher not there to give out our results cause she's in holiday pulak!! tsk tsk tsk... Took all certificates and lastly the result slip.. Wanted to together-gether open it with some friends but ended up everyone open already pulak.. got one friend even SMS and check out the result dah.. =.=" so no fun..

Me open the result slip with a best guy friend with me.. Cause he really cannot tahan wanna know my result, he even wanted to read it out for me... =.=" So.. We both together tengok.. We start looking at the slip from the bottom...

Me so so happy that i didnt fail this subject!! And me got better than Mr.Matt lagi!! hahaha...

We continue look up a bit on the slip..

*Pengajian Perniagaan--B+--3.33*
Me so happy cause got 3.33 for it!! Cause me no expect me got more than 3.0..

Continue looking up..

Me so happy cause me got another 3.33!!

Last subject to look on..

*Pengajian Am--B+--3.33*
Me super happy... Cause it's another 3.33!! woot!!

Me and me best guy friend laugh and laugh and go crazy.. Xp.. He said.. 'When i look at my result, i also acted like you.. just keep on laughing.. haha!' Nice to see him back! =) 3months didn't see each other, wow.. He's now competing being a superstar in 8tv project superstar! All the best to you man.. =)

Best guy friend, Willie Teh and I.. =) *friends since Standard 1, woot!*

After that, Me and me friends went celebrate together.. went makan together.. Me friend, HuiZhen called another girl friend who didn't appear today, Miss NienNien.. Argh... Missed her badly.. Cant wait to meet her up soon!! Sing K with bunch of friends soon!! yay!

Me and HuiZhen... Ah Nien!! we miss you a lot lerh!!

Me today very happy with Me result... thanks a lot to deb's message... 'Hey Problem.. i have a Big God!' really thank God for it!! For now... Pray that He will continue to guide me in future decision.. =)

*You are so geng God! Love ya!!*


Mattster said...

haha.. congrats on ur results :) thank God for them :)

pastor tony also congratulates u :)

-priscilla- said...

priscilla also congratulates u! =)=)))

- llydia - said...

congrats congrats!! *throws confetti* :)

wen said...

to matt--
Yea man.. thanks..

to pris--

to lydia--
Oh.. hehe... got confetti lagi!! yay! thanks.. =)

Jeremy said...


Haha.. this congrats is not from Kuching though.. it's from KL!


zane said...

Hi friend,
Pls dont punt tis photo...
U can juz damage it???
i feel tat i'm very ugly...

wen said...

to zane--
Ohhhhh... you blog... Xp...
Dont worry lar.. very pretty okay! =)