Monday, March 10, 2008

The evil one is back

Yea... the evil me is back... Xp..

The evil one tricked the clone, ann.. by 'ding-dong-ing' the door bell and appears in front of her doorstep.. What the evil one get? Xp.. the evil one get a big tight hug from her.. Xp.. Honestly... hahaha... the evil one was really touch and happy to get that hug from her.. =)

The evil one tricked mon mon monica.. by talking with her on phone.. What the evil one get? Xp.. 'Eh? What the heck... you're back!' haha... Yes, the evil one is a big liar... a liar to everyone duh.. tsk tsk... memang evil-nyer..

The evil one shocked ruth tiong.. She walked greeted good morning and hello o the fella beside me, then walked away... in less than 3 seconds... she patah balik and so the evil one just sitting right beside the fella she waved to.. What the evil one get? 'Wher's my present?', ruth asked..

The evil one shocked jerusha.. She slumber slumber smile to everyone without noticing the evil one is just there.. The evil one said in a loud voice.. 'Morning Jerusha!'... She then replied 'Morning...' And with her mouth open.. can see she really shocked.. What the evil one get? A big hug from jerusha..

The evil one failed to trick some people, people like alicia, gee, deborah... oh well... they are just born to not to enjoy being trick jer.. Xp.. hahaha... cheh to them...

The evil one will now change back to the normal mode after this line... Xp..

Dear people who read this blog.. do pray for me if you can k? Xp.. Me now needs lots of prayer... Cause STPM result tomorrow.. which is about in 12hours... All i really hope is that God will indeed prepare my heart as i look at my results tomorrow.. and whatever my results is... May He guide and show me the next step that He wants me to take..

That's all... God bless me man... =)


Mattster said...

oh the lies i had to tell to those who asked me 'when evon coming back ah?'


haha... good to have u back! :)

Justin Tan said...

gud luck

-priscilla- said...

wah cunning har both of u!!!!
lied to everyone, cheyyy~
but u're back in msia and thats good!

- llydia - said...

Hahahahahhahha. Sneaky!

wen said...

to justin--
thanks.. and i'm one lucky girl too! Xp..

to pris--
oh well.. not lied lar.. just didint tel them only mar... hehehe... yea man.. good to be back home.. =)

to lydia--
hahaha.. sneaky ar? bit bit lor.. Xp..