Monday, March 24, 2008

Zhang Lao Shi

I had been a temporary teacher in my youngest brother's school since last monday..

Let's make it simple k?

The i dont like things..
  • Dont like wearing heels.. (tho i wear the flat kind punya) duh... i haven't wear heels for so long before.. walking up and down the staircase.. going from this side of school to another side...
  • Dont like wearing formal, as in no t-shirt and a must to skirt.. Cause this kind of clothing needs ironing.. Xp..
  • Dont like screaming and shouting in class.. Not that it's a must but sometimes it's just so automatically shout at the students..
The i like things..
  • Like seeing students understand what i teach them..
  • Like seeing funny stuff that kids did.. (continue reading for more info on this)
  • Like seeing students say 'Hello Zhang LaoShi' and 'ByeBye Zhang LaoShi' to me..
Funny stuff.. or stuff that makes me go =.="..
  • i was telling the students ''Whatever school fees or this and that fees that you all bring today, keep it properly ya.. I'm not going to help Lee LaoShi to collect from you all.. So dont come and tell me you wanna give me school fee again okay?'' Just like less than 5 seconds, there's this boy that come forward to the teacher's table, opening a folded paper.. i asked him.. ''What you want ya?''.. and he replied... ''LaoShi, i wanna pay the school fee..'' =.="
  • The student told me that their Lee LaoShi promised to bring them go watch CJ7 at the TV room that day.. i dont know anything bout it, so i said.. ''It's Lee LaoShi who promised you all, not me Zhang LaoShi, so i wont bring you all go watch ok?'' and the students goes.. ''But you also LaoShi mar...'' Yea right they got that correct but stilll... =.="
  • There's this Std1 Malay boy, he came out to me with his bottle, told me wanna refill water. I take a look at his bottle, still have a quarter of water.. ''You still have water what, later only go refill''. Few minutes later. the same boy came to me again, with his empty bottle this time, i allowed him to go, and he came back with his bottle full of water.. Another few minutes passed by, the same boy came to againnnn.... with his empty bottle!! He had already finished the whole bottle of water.. Goodness.. i got no choice but to let him go refill again... =.="
  • The students queuing up outside the class, waiting for their friends to clean up the classroom.. One girl came to me, ''LaoShi, her school bag zip spoil already..'' I went and look at the zip, yup, it's like stuck there dah.. ''you go back home, tell your papa and mummy that your school bag spoil already okay? then be careful of your books, dont let them fall of k?'' Then i wonder.. LaoShi also have to fix their school bag zip? =.="
  • I was too blur that i forgot i have to enter one of the Std2 class. I went back to my seat, sit down, look at my schedule on the table.. ''Aiya!'' The teacher at my side asked what happened.. i said.. ''Argh.. i'm dreaming, so blur lerh, now i got class but i come back office..'' Then i realised three of the girl from that Std2 class was at my back there, planning to look for me and ask me enter class.. Once the four of us stepped out of the office, the three girls go ha-ha-ha.. laughing about my blur-ness.. then i told them in a joking manner, ''Dont go around telling your friends in class ar!'' Then they stop laughing that much ler.. =.="
  • I was teaching BM in the Std1 class.. ''Ke+re+ta---> Kereta'' That's what i write on the board, the plus sign and the arrow sign is already in thier workbook, i write it on board too, thinking that they might have a better picture of what is this teacher teaching.. Who knows, one boy show me his book, and this is what i saw ''Ke++re++ta--->Kereta'' Luckily he didnt add '--->' down.. =.="
I realised, the Std1 and 2 students, just after i finish teaching them one question, they like to come out to the front and show me what they did.. I guess, as kids, they are not sure of whether they did it correctly, or can say that they wanna get assurance from teacher, wanna show teacher that they are smart.. So what i do is give them a nodding, or by saying.. ''yup, correct..'', in a sense to give them more confident in what they did..

I would say overall i kinda enjoy teaching.. But i really dislike the 'The i dont like things' that i mentioned earlier just now.. oh well... For now, let's talk about my uni application.. (if i'm, not mistaken lar.. Xp..)
1st: UM-TESL
2nd: UM-ECE
3rd: UKM-Sastera (Pengajian BI)
4th: UPM-Sastera (BI)
5th: UKM-Komunikasi
6th: UPM-Komunikasi Media
7th: UKM-Komunikasi dan Pengurusan Maklumat
8th: UPM-Psikologi

Do pray for my Uni application.. Hope to get 1st and 2nd choice either one.. Pray that God will indeed be good to me and lead me all way long.. Pray that i'm okay with teaching, well i'm okay lar, just that my throat not okay.. oh well... thanks for praying in advanced.. =)

tata =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Me and me result!


Me drive car to pick up two friends.. then.. reach school and took a very long time to make a reverse side parking... Please lar... Me no very good with parking... and me like so long didn't drive already... Xp.. Me sometime prefer got driver.. better!! haha..

Me walk in to school.. to pejabat.. Sadly.. our form teacher not there to give out our results cause she's in holiday pulak!! tsk tsk tsk... Took all certificates and lastly the result slip.. Wanted to together-gether open it with some friends but ended up everyone open already pulak.. got one friend even SMS and check out the result dah.. =.=" so no fun..

Me open the result slip with a best guy friend with me.. Cause he really cannot tahan wanna know my result, he even wanted to read it out for me... =.=" So.. We both together tengok.. We start looking at the slip from the bottom...

Me so so happy that i didnt fail this subject!! And me got better than Mr.Matt lagi!! hahaha...

We continue look up a bit on the slip..

*Pengajian Perniagaan--B+--3.33*
Me so happy cause got 3.33 for it!! Cause me no expect me got more than 3.0..

Continue looking up..

Me so happy cause me got another 3.33!!

Last subject to look on..

*Pengajian Am--B+--3.33*
Me super happy... Cause it's another 3.33!! woot!!

Me and me best guy friend laugh and laugh and go crazy.. Xp.. He said.. 'When i look at my result, i also acted like you.. just keep on laughing.. haha!' Nice to see him back! =) 3months didn't see each other, wow.. He's now competing being a superstar in 8tv project superstar! All the best to you man.. =)

Best guy friend, Willie Teh and I.. =) *friends since Standard 1, woot!*

After that, Me and me friends went celebrate together.. went makan together.. Me friend, HuiZhen called another girl friend who didn't appear today, Miss NienNien.. Argh... Missed her badly.. Cant wait to meet her up soon!! Sing K with bunch of friends soon!! yay!

Me and HuiZhen... Ah Nien!! we miss you a lot lerh!!

Me today very happy with Me result... thanks a lot to deb's message... 'Hey Problem.. i have a Big God!' really thank God for it!! For now... Pray that He will continue to guide me in future decision.. =)

*You are so geng God! Love ya!!*

Monday, March 10, 2008

The evil one is back

Yea... the evil me is back... Xp..

The evil one tricked the clone, ann.. by 'ding-dong-ing' the door bell and appears in front of her doorstep.. What the evil one get? Xp.. the evil one get a big tight hug from her.. Xp.. Honestly... hahaha... the evil one was really touch and happy to get that hug from her.. =)

The evil one tricked mon mon monica.. by talking with her on phone.. What the evil one get? Xp.. 'Eh? What the heck... you're back!' haha... Yes, the evil one is a big liar... a liar to everyone duh.. tsk tsk... memang evil-nyer..

The evil one shocked ruth tiong.. She walked greeted good morning and hello o the fella beside me, then walked away... in less than 3 seconds... she patah balik and so the evil one just sitting right beside the fella she waved to.. What the evil one get? 'Wher's my present?', ruth asked..

The evil one shocked jerusha.. She slumber slumber smile to everyone without noticing the evil one is just there.. The evil one said in a loud voice.. 'Morning Jerusha!'... She then replied 'Morning...' And with her mouth open.. can see she really shocked.. What the evil one get? A big hug from jerusha..

The evil one failed to trick some people, people like alicia, gee, deborah... oh well... they are just born to not to enjoy being trick jer.. Xp.. hahaha... cheh to them...

The evil one will now change back to the normal mode after this line... Xp..

Dear people who read this blog.. do pray for me if you can k? Xp.. Me now needs lots of prayer... Cause STPM result tomorrow.. which is about in 12hours... All i really hope is that God will indeed prepare my heart as i look at my results tomorrow.. and whatever my results is... May He guide and show me the next step that He wants me to take..

That's all... God bless me man... =)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Taiwan [10 more days]

It's been long enough since i last blog.. until my friend, leong leong said... "i 1 2 c wat u write there oso wait til my neck til very long adi"... hahahaha.. she must be very =.=" when she saw i wrote bout her! (You should be happy duh! Xp..)

>>1st March 2008
I went to a award giving+concert event at a place in KaoHsiung, called QiJin.. Hours of standing but worth it i guess? somemore free admission duh!!! hehehe.. Xp.. photo session..

the stage and the crowd

the venue of the event, beach..

Wang LeeHom [Dedicated to dear clone, ann ann and Miss Leehom super fan, Michele and to my brothers! Ah yuan and Kai Wen.. =)]

WuZhun, member of Farenheit [Dedicated to Miss B11, Ah Leong..]

JolinTsai [Dedicated to MissPink, Kah Mun..] and StefSun..

S.H.E and Farenheit.. [Dedicated to Miss Monitor, Soo Yoong and Miss Maggie, Xiao Hui and Miss Dragonfly, Xin Ting and Miss that got the same name as i do, Yi Wen..]

From left.. Tank, S.H.E., LeeHom, some you dont need to know who fella, JolinTsai, StefSun, Show..

>>2nd March 2008
Visited a place called MeiLong, a temple, and a nice place near the airport..

Beautiful flowers!!
Peacocks and birds.. and do you know wher i get to see them?

In the toilet man!!! u can do your business and watch the peacocks in the same time.. interesting and weird.. hahaha..

The Gents sign..
and the Ladies of course.. hahaha...

ME!! Me park the car lerh!! Drove it from basement2 to basement4 and parked the car! tho it's a bit to the left.. hahaha.. But duh!! driver seat at the left hand k!

That's all! =)