Monday, February 25, 2008

Taiwan [17 more days]

Wedding dinner!! i attended a wedding dinner, tho i tak ada kaitan langsung with the bride nor the bridegroom.. Well if really wanna kaitkan.. well then.. i'm the bridegroom's cousin brother's friend's daughter from Malaysia.. hahahaha..

Cup + Cake = CupCake? Xp.. [Before version]

Cupcake.. [After version]

The menu first..

..then here comes the food!! (12 dishes!! o.O)

The just married ones (the bride was so cute that she posed my favourite pose! peace ^^)

The girl, and another cute girl..

Aunt aka breakfast shop's tauke's wive and me..

The sweet family that take good care of me..

Violin and piano performances..

The just married and the girl..

"...and they live happily ever after!"

And we both go 'siao'! Xp..

That's all.. Oh.. scrool up and see the bride again..In case you didnt realised, she change 3 dresses and even the hairstyle!! Being a bride aint easy lerh.. You men out there.. sayang your bride okay? Xp..
Enjoy the wedding dinner! Loves wedding!! ^^ bye~


Justin Tan said...

love weddings xp
love the food =p

love to pose too =)

*pose for the camera now*
#click click click#

wen said...

to justin--
Goodness... justin you sounds like small kid now.. hehehe..

ruth lee wan said...

hiya! get to go to unknown person's wedding huh! nice! and get to eat again huh! ya, love weddings...makes me want to get married also. kakak kidding. :P
come back soon!

Mattster said...


come back soon :) hehe..

wahh.. ruth tak sabar sabar wan get married... haha.. should copy this down and let jason see to hint hint xD

lolx! =p