Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Taiwan [58th day]

Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Cheers everyone!! oh it's red wine..

Gamble is always with CNY!

Kids playing in park.. =)

Some where which have mountains and sea..

A view of KaoHsiung city

The girl at XiZiWan, which is XiZi Bay..

LiuHo Night market, an international night market so called..

CNY eve.. i had this.. for dinner.. =)

The Love River, it's a beautiful place, especially at night, when it's all lighted up..

Kids presenting on street..

Violinist playing violin of course..

Sweets.. that really stuck at your teeth..

Glass..the fella making a christmas tree i guess..

A grandma.. handmade stuff..

this fella here making sweets, that are really sweet.. Xp..

the man at the left use a scissors.. den cut out the girl's 'side profile' (if you dont know whats a side profile.. ask matt please.. Xp..)

The girl at the left draw a potrait of the baby girl at the right..

Another view of Love River..

Another one..

Nice view hor? Xp...

Anyway.. Have a blessed chinese new year people!! Enjoy yourself.. eat lots but take care!! haha.. Love you guys lots!! tata.. =)


Mattster said...

i like the pic of the girl lying on the beach... hehe :)

take care! 34 more days!! :)

Justin Tan said...

wah... hen piao liang ah
those beautiful colours

wen said...

to matt--
Yea.. i like it.. cos i took it.. hehe.. =)

to justin--
Nice colours oh? but it was really cold out there.. brrr.. Xp..