Monday, February 04, 2008

Taiwan [56th day]

I'm back!! hehe.. I was away for ZhongLi since 26th Jan to a place at the north side of Taiwan, about less than 1 hour drive from Taipei. ZhongLi is the kids mum's hometown, their mum was away at America for work almost 1 year plus dah, so we went there and visit the kids grandma. Grandma was a very nice grandma, thier uncle and aunt are nice too! Here comes the pictures to tell about my trip.

1. We took train, not the High Speed Railway but it's a slower train. Well.. not bad, speed ok, service ok, seats ok, toilet ok... So the three of us took train from KaoHsiung to ZhongLi, On the way, the train stopped by at TaiNan, XinYing, JiaYi, ZangHua, TaiZhong, FengYuan, MiaoLi, ChuNan, XinChu then reach ZhongLi, in about 4hours. As you can see from the picture, the boy was kinda bored, so we decided to play a bit of BINGO.

2. The grandma came and pick us up from the station, weather there is really cold and wet. So we stayed at the grandma's place, it's like shop houses, at the side of shop got a pathway, all the way down the path there's a room, which is the picture above. Then the kids grandparents stay upstairs. Quite comfortable cause we have own bed, own TV, own sofa, own toilet, own space.

3. This is a very cute barbie, nice right? Even The chews also took a picture with this barbie when they went and visit Taiwan last year with my parents.

4. There's one day i became babysitter of four!!!! Goodness.. We went sogo, more like they shop and i watched over them... Hmm.. more like bodyguard of four! =.=" Anyway.. Four kiddy together, they really can go crazy together.. and makes me even headache.. this arcade, they bring me here, then beg me to give them money to play... Well, they managed to persuade me, so they played motorbike race and car race, they do have fun.

5. We went and visit the kids aunt's house. it's really nice. Picture above is the dining room. Look at the mini chandelier above and the pictures on ceiling, a bit wow..

6. This is the cute grandma, sitting at the couch in the living room, the living room is not big,but the couch really is big, with lots and lots of pillows on it. A bit like.. small living room, big couch!

7. The girl and the aunt's big fat cat.. (Mon might got 'Eeewwww..' hehe..) The aunt really sayang the cat, got like special small house for the cat sumor.. =.="

8. Because outside is always wet and cold, we hardly go out and walk walk. So me and the four kids will have some small activities at our room. One of it is shown at the picture above, play cards. We played the 'MemoryGame', where you open close and try to get a pair of cards. The piture above is arranged by the boy, he said 'this is a flower, got three clouds above the flower, got leaves at the left and right side of flower, got three butterfly under the flower and one worm climbing at the stalk..' I was a bit =.=" when i heard him explain but was quite amazed with his imagination. So can you see the clouds, flower, leaves, butterfly and the little worm? hehe..

9. This day, the weather is okay, no rain in the morning, so me and the kids went out and walk walk. We bought icecream! Eating iceream in the cold weather, a bit funny right? hehe..

10. Past few days i was quite surprised of myself.. with four kids together with me, i realised i a bit like my mother already.. =.=" i did stuff that i usually dont do. I always get thier cups filled with water, make sure they get enough water while they make sure they themselves get enough. I even make sure they get enough vita from apples and oranges. I usually juz peal off the apple's skin and eat, but this time i even cut into small pieces whichis easier for the kids to eat. I even peel oranges!! i hardly peel orange, somemore the time when i peel, i had cuts at my finger, and it's a bit bit pain. I also make sure thier stomach is not empty. Maybe even my mum wont believe i really did all these!! hahaha...

11. On firday night, the aunt bring us watch ChangJiang7Hao, starring Stephen Chow. It'slike a story of a father and son who are very very poor and suddenly meet up with this alien called number7, which is the cute little 7 above. =)

12. Night market of ZhongLi! What a nice night, thank God for good weather that allows us to walk walk at night market. I bought some stuff, CD, and food..

13. The first picture is something like dumplings, mini kind of dumplings. Taste nice and spicy!! Then the second picture is mashpotatoes with cheese and hams on it!! Both are yummy food from ZhongLi's night market.

14. All i wanna do is to get a picture of the four kids, took them so long to smile for a picture. So from the left, a 'am i smiling?' boy, a very 'oh well..' girl, a 'whatever!' look girl and a 'what are we doing?' boy..

15. I like this picture, the boy sitting on the ferris wheel, look a bit excited and scared in the same time, very natural.. We, as in grandma, aunt, me and the two kids went and sit on the ferris wheel. We are in Taipei, on a ferris wheel which is located on the 5th floor of a shopping complex. Actually the grandma, aunt and I was very careful in the gondola, we dont relaly dare to make big movements, haha.. Up there on the ferris wheel, it's cold and cool! We wathced the night view of Taipei, the city was lighted up by the buildings and houses and lamppost!
After spending a week at ZhongLi, on 3rd Feb, we took train again to travel back to KaoHsiung. We reached and the uncle's friend, another uncle lar, came and pick us up. We had KFC before we go back home, as usual, i ordered Zinger meal. And at night, we have a small celebration for the birthday girl whos birthday falls on 3rd feb.
Happy birthday to Evon!
Thanks to...
-Mama, Papa, Ah Yuan and Kai Wen.. Thanks for the sms and the song that you guys sang thru skype! Thanks to Papa who asked the aunt to prepare this small celebration for me!
-The Gans.. Thanks for giving me a call just to wish me! really very sweet of you guys!! Sorry lar uncle Gan, line cacat.. that's why i only heard you after you called for the thrid time, Xp.. Pai seh!
-Matt.. Thanks for calling me too! Tho you called at such a wrong timing, when i was rushing to train station to get back to KaoHsiung.. =.=" thanks anyway! Very nice of you too! =)
-Uncles and Aunts in Taiwan who called and wished me, really surprise me when they gave me a call, didnt expect them to know it was my birthday..
-Elise, Tabby.. tho you're in NS you still remember it was my b'day!! Enjoy-ing NS huh? Xp..
-Sue Ann, Jen Li.. who tried to called and sms my Taiwan line but tak jadi! hehe..
-Deb, ZhongYi, Paul, Mon, HonChien, Jarod, Fern, Jeremy.. thanks people!! for the wishes from sms and msn..
-YouEr, YiMing, KienBoon, KokHoe, KahMun, AiZhen, JianHow, SeowPeng, EeLaine, YokeTheng, PeiYee, MeiChoo, YewKit, ChiuChee, JieYing, YanSheng.. thanks for the wishes from sms and friendster!

Thanks a lot! =)


Mattster said...

haha... someone becoming more mak nenek already hor? =p hehehe... nvm la.. good training rite? xD

take care! :) and happy birthday again! :)

38 more days! =D

ruth lee wan said...

traning for the future evon! good good! next time will make a good mother. :) keke. waiting ya me for that day! huhu!
happy birthday dear. i didn't forget. just didnt' know how to contact you cuase i tot you were still there with no online. and i dunno whether you were using same no in taiwan. matt la, didnt' say properly on fri cg. kaka blur as usual la...:P huhu.

wen said...

to matt--
Your head!! siape tu mak atau nenek eh!!!! but anyway.. good training i agree lar.. Xp.. Yea man!! going back soon! woot!!

to ruth--
waiting for that day pulak.. =.=" Yea lar.. you so sayang me.. i sure you wont dare to forget my b'day pun.. Xp.. Dont blame matt dah.. he kena a lot blame dah.. Xp.. hehe.. thanks for your wish dear!! muacks~

Jeremy said...

ur welcome aunty evon!


memang can become aunty edi lar u... taking care of ppl's children and all.. haha!

when u come back, u can set up day care services edi..

wen said...

day care service?! goodness... day care sleep for me got lar.. hehehe...