Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taiwan [32more days]

If you always keep yourself update at this blog... you might realise.. ''eh... why the title.. start countdown-ing ard?'' Xp... Honestly.. cause i was kinda happy to go back home.. of course i'll miss here too.. plus... i think i count tilll i dah sesat... i tot it's the 60th day being here in Taiwan.. but doesnt seem so... So... to make my life easier... hahahaha.. i wil start to countdown dah... hehe... to remind you guys.. ''Yo people.. i'm gonna be back soon, please get yourself ready with my present, then i'll get ready for your souvenirs!!'' Hahaha... but honestly.. if you wan anything from Taiwan.. do be a bit specific to let me know k? i'll try get it for you.. =)

Okay, on d 2nd day of CNY.. I and the uncle's family went to a farm.. Well it's more like a place to spend your holiday lar.. the farm is quite big, they have lots of activities.. So you can always stay there for like 2 days to enjoy the land there.. it's a nice place to relax.. =)

Nice flowers at the back..
Me and the boy, getting ready to slide all the way down!! and pull the stupid heavy sled up again.. =.="

'Nah.. i give you sweet sweet k?'

The boy with the peace pose!! Xp..

Me and the ''white horse prince''.. hahaha...
So.. that's all.. church tomorrow... better sleep dah... nitez!


Mattster said...

hehe.. my present!! :P


wen said...

to matt--
''do be a bit specific to let me know k? i'll try get it for you..''

If you realised.. i do said be SPECIFIC and i will TRY to get for you.. hahahaha...

Jeremy said...

i think the best present for him now is having you back safely in M'sia.. hehe... :-P

ruth lee wan said...

yo! i agree with jeremy! matt ne ah..lebih lebih.kakaka...evon come back good enough loh..still want present..tak malu betul. akak kidding kidding.
hi evon! muack muacks! miss you! come back safe and soon!

woof woof!

wen said...

to jeremy and ruth--
No offense jeremy.. i know you are very sincere, but dunno why it sounds nicer when ruth say it.. hahaha... yea lar.. lebih kan tu matt.. tsk tsk..

But i think gals will get more choices of souvenirs.. sorry lar guys... unless you guys be specific lar, really very bad in buying guy's stuff..

Miss you too ruth!!! muacks~