Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taiwan [29 more days]

Went to visit a flower exhibition... it's really beautiful looking at all the beautiful colours..

Nice design right?
It's the year of mouse!

Colourful flowers..
We took the free ride!! The KaoHsiung MRT.. cause of CNY, it's open for the public for four days.. so... it's all packed!! better than LRT.. no 'queek queek' sound.. Xp..

Visit the Love River again, this time.. the three of us take a boat ride.. the guide in the boat speaks taiwan slang of hokkien, well i can still understand a bit bit der.. Xp..
the boy on the love river's boat..
This is not the girl's dog, but a dog we met at the side of love river, she really loves dog!!
On 12th and 13th Mar, ''Disney on Ice'' came to KaoHsiung.. Me and the kids went!! woot~ They have 5 disney cartoon in it.. I love disney cartoons!! But only thing is... it's not in english but chinese.. feels a bit weird.. =.=" But i enjoy it!!
Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, plus funny Goffy!

Little Mermaid--It's Flounder at the right side!! the cute little fish..
Peter Pan--Peter, Wendy, erm... john and mark if i'm not wrong.. Xp.. Flying to the NeverNever land..

Peter Pan--It's CaptainHook!! and the loyal Smith.. 'tic tac.. tic tac..' hehe..

Lilo and Stitch--Aloha cousin!! Ohana.. Ohana means family.. it means.. hmm.. i forgot.. Xp..

The Lion King--Hakuna Matata!! What a wonderful phrase~

Finale--You can find lots of cartoon chracters in here! Name them if you can!! hehe..
That's all! =)


ruth lee wan said...

hihi! ohana means fmaily. family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. hugs hugs hugs!
banyak activiti la you kat sana. banyak bagus.
come back fast fast adn safe safe. the kids sure cry la when you go back.

Mattster said...

hehe.. wahh.. dis time ruth 1st =p haha...

yor.. i so jealous leh.. get to go see disney on ice.. hehe.. =p

yup!! come back fast fast and safe safe! :)

take care! :) hehe.

Mattster said...

oh... and happy valentine`s day to u!! :)

wen said...

to ruth--
Yup!! that's what ohana means.. Xp..

to matt--
haha.. next time we go watch together k k? yay! Xp..
Happy valentine's day!!

Justin Tan said...

that wuff wuff .... so ... "nice"

wen said...

to justin--
yup! the wuff wuff very nice.. keep playing with the kids too.. especially now winter time cold weather.. can see alot of that kind of wuff wuff..=)