Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taiwan [28 more days]

It's Valentine's Day! The day that you can feel love is in the air... hahahaha..

Today i skip work... Xp.. too tired.. so called them and say not going today... So i..

Took a bus to Sogo, to get my shoe!!

Ate McD.. it's a Grilled Chicken Toasted Rice Burger.. i still prefer McChicken and McDeluxe!

Then went to post office to post out bombs!! and a person belated birthday card... hahahaha.. So.. Beware!! you might receive bomb in like 10 days time... hehe..

Before post office, i went to a music shop.. to check out some stuff then sajer go look look... Then..

''Does he play guitar? We have some nice picks here..'' the girl asked.. (well i'm sure she meant a 'he'.. not 'she')

''Oh... =)'' i answered..

*silence--i look at those picks and really wanna choose ler..*

"it's for my brother der.. =)'' i said..

''OH! i thought it's a valentine present..'' she said..

*I knew she thought i was buying for valentine.. that's why i sajer say it's for my bro.. hahaha..*

Well... Happy Valentine's Day to all!!



Mattster said...

hahaha tsk tsk... ponteng work to go buy shoe... tsk tsk =p hehe

wen said...

i ponteng cos tired... woke at 10am lerh.. so late ard.. Xp.. plus... i didnt buy shoe.. just go and get it only!! 009!!

ruth lee wan said...

kaka...kononnya tired but go shopping...:P lalala...nuaghty nuaghty..jason will eb very proud of you. :)hugsssssssssssss.

wen said...

''jason will be very proud of you?''

hmm... why lerh? hehehe... ''you'' as in? who? blur blur ler me...

Justin Tan said...

whats the weather there leh?

Justin Tan said...

still cold ah?
wah... a few weeks more result coming out hor?
but dun k abt that 1st, must enjoy 1st leh xp

wen said...

to justin--
it's winter.. cold lerh... the weather still tak tentu der.. but mostly cold lor..
Oh, results!! >.<

ruth lee wan said...

yoy la evon naughty didnt' go work..jason will be very proud of you.
wahhh thank you sooo sooo much for the valentine card! so sweet....!
muacks! keke, waiting for jeremy to donate photo before posting the video of cny up for you. :)