Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taiwan [18 more days]

16th Feb--
Went to watch the open ceremony of 2008 KaoHsiung Lantern Festival which is by the Love River. Everyone was very high that day, cause of the fireworks and also those famous artist..
Nice fireworks.. (will show you guys the long vid of fireworks when i get back to KL)

Look at the crowd.. i was this far from the stage..
17th Feb--
The kids mother side's grandparent and aunt came down to KaoHsiung from ZhongLi. One day trip here, visited 4 places!!
Lunch at GoWhyTown.. such grand place for makan..
This picture is dedicated to all doraemon lovers..

This picture is dedicated to all pooh lovers, like cikgu khoo..

This picture is dedicated to all snoopy lovers..
And this! to all dog lovers.. or lion lovers? dog? lion? ???
22nd Feb--
My penjaga brought me n aunt to Formosan Aborginal Culture Village.Why there? Xp.. I saw on the newspaper that even Taiwan have thier own sakura, and one of the place is this culture village, so i asked if could go.. YAY! i went lor... It's very very nice!! the aunt said i at least said more than 10 times 'Really very nice lerh..' when i was there.. It's a place with nice garden, amusement, and of course stuff bout the orang asli in taiwan. On our way there, we stopped by at TaiNan, to see thier lantern festival there..

Flowers at the Lantern festival tapak in TaiNan..

Lots of big big lanterns..

They even have a special side is for religious kind of lantern..

Hello Kitty says: 'I love Taiwan!'

Sun Moon Lake, a very peaceful lake..

Help? Xp..

Skeleton.. with the head sajer..

Ta-da! Nice sakura on top.. nice flower below..

Cherry blossom pond.. A nice view of pond with fishes, flowers and sakuras..

The UFO.. until now i still cant believe i really played that... =.=" nice view from up there..
but when it comes down... oh man~ scary...

Carribean Splash, i played this too.. o.O it's also very scary.... goodness~ =s

The Prince Ali's pavillion.. dedicated to the fella who sang 'prince ali' during CG session.. =.="

European Palace Garden.. such a nice garden!!



Nice place right? I shall suggest that this is a must come place if any of you come to Taiwan.. =)
Will visit somemore places! oh... by the way.. resutls gonna be out soon... =s


Mattster said...

hahahahhaha =p

prince ali famous is he~~ ali a bwa bwa~~~~ =p


ruth lee wan said...

kaka i know who is prince ali...matt matt! kaka. wah very nice ooooo the flowers. and you take good pics! :) hey! cny video ready for you dee! thinking how to post it up now. like cannot fit leh

ruth lee wan said...

ok. i post on > videos ya ya? hope you can watch it. enjoy ya! i laugh at the 3 china man!

Justin Tan said...

iz a garden rite?

omg, the scene is jz... so niceeeeeeeeee
my fav : sakura & that peacock =p

must go there 1 day..
which part of taiwan is that eh?

wen said...

to ruth--
THANKS darling!!! *hugs*

to justin--
hahaha... really will go OMG right? it's at d middle part of taiwan i think... must go there at the right season to see sakura..