Monday, February 25, 2008

Taiwan [17 more days]

Dedicated to a very special girl..

Thanks for all your effort dear!! I am super duper ~er ~er touched!! So wanna hug you!!

Thanks to all the people who said 'Hi!' too... Miss you guys much! Makes me feel really.. 'We are one big family.. Brother sister you and me..' (quoted from the CG CNY songs.. Xp..)

Really really appreciate this girl..

Thanks thanks thanks!! =)

Love ya ruth!

1 comment:

ruth lee wan said...

funny or not funny or not. keke so cute la the 3 china man! grace idea to bring the one. :) shhhhh. dont' tell hon yau, he shy dee cause recorded him doing lion dance. kaka. jeremy's multiply blog got more cny pics ya ya! :)
love you evon! muacks muacks!
one big happy family!