Friday, January 25, 2008

Taiwan [46th day]

I'l go to the north side again.. this time along with the two kids.. so the three of us.. gonna take a train all the way up to the north.. a place call ZhongLi, about 1 hour drive from Taipei. We gonna stay at the kids grandma's place, mother side punya grandma. We'll spend about 1 week or plus at there.. Over there, the weather will be colder than KaoHsiung.. Brrr...

So.. as usual.. picture time.. Xp.. of what i did since the last post...

This is the maggie i had one of the's curry flavoured.. yumm yumm~ (22th jan 08)

This is what i had for my birthday.. birthday according to the chinese calendar.. it falls on Dec 16th in the chinese calendar.. mister donut again.. yummy~~ (23rd jan 08)

Food again! Roti Prata in Taiwan night market.. taste good! got diff sorts of flavour lagi! (25th jan 08)

Bags.. all sorts of bags in the night market.. it's only RM10+ wei.. not bad huh?but i already spent on items below.. so.. maybe antoher time.. hahaha...

Hair bands! Oh at last i bought.. bought 3 somemore.. all together cost me not more than RM10! cheap or expensive eh?

Scissor, paper, stone shirt! so cute hor?

Skirt.. nice ar? a bit like regret after i buy it.. but nevermind lar! =)

By the way.. i got my 1st angpau this year from the uncle that owns the breakfast shop that i help out at! Erm.. it's a big angpau.. hahahaha.. biggest that i ever received.. hehehe..more big angpau to come man!! Xp...

The next time i'l post a post.. will be.. during CNY or after i guess.. Xp.. have fun people! Miss you guys a lot! =)


Justin Tan said...

the roti there so "gemuk" wan?
roti here so thin only wor...
wah really havin fun leh =)
me 1 go 2 china tooooooooooo

Mattster said...

hahaha.. i like the t-shirt... hehe.. so cute =p

take care :) esp at up north.. :)

p.s : ops.. i told the CG ppl it`s at the south.. haha =p wrong pulak =p

Jen Li said...

evon!! HAHAHA..... just wanted to say see ur having fun lah..(but still think the roti here better lah)...

ruth lee wan said...

haha matt! justin tan faster than you!!!!!!! :P bluek!

wah you get to eat so much..sure come back fatter a bit. but good la. :) yummmm i aslo want to eat.

ya la see la this matt give wrong info. tsk tsk tsk. ask the cg to punish him! mauchahhah.

miss you girl!
take care

wen said...

to justin--
yea lor.. gemuk cos got stuff in it.. hehe..

to matt--
cute lerh? hehe.. scissors paper stone!! donk lar u! give wrong info.. =.="

to jenli--
erm.. yea.. i miss tosei.. hehe!

to ruth--
yea lor! ard gained 4kg!! =.="