Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taiwan [40th day]

How did i spend this weekend?

After a very good night rest til 11am.. hahahaha... i bring the kids go kai kai.. Xp.. we went shop shop then bought some stationary that the boy need to use for his studies.. =) then we went makan!! We went to Mister Donut, a place where all sorts of doughnuts can be found there. it's real nice! but expensive pun lar.. we spent like almost RM30 there..

Some of the food that we ordered.. some are unfortunately in our stomach dah.. hahaha..

Mister donut, a place for doughnuts lover and lepak-ers.. i find that it is a good place to lepak!

At night, we went down a bit to the south a bit.. it's just around 15minds actually.. hahaha.. There's this dinner belanja-ed by aunt's husband.. it's like every company pun ada lar.. usually they held it before Chinese New Year, will just gather aroudn with friends and customers or business buddies to have a nice dinner.. they served 12dishes... bluek.. so much!!!!

The cold cold stuff..

Hot soup! just soup itself.. we had 3 kinds of different soup! o.O

The so called mini kind of lobster.. i din eat this.. cause i barely eat seafood.. Xp.. unless people peel it for me! my parent will probably shake thier head when they see the line above.. Xp..

Fruits! they have watermelon, pineapple, and lots of other fruits that i dont know what is it call in english... some cant even get it in Malaysia punyar..

My favourite... Ice cream! hahahaha...


Went church of course, last two weeks i used to attend a presbyterian church, which is kinda far.. so.. i discovered there's another church nearby, conservative baptist church.. so i went there with the kids.. the sunday service and sunday school is the same time, i teman the kids to the sunday school side, it seems like they dont feel comfortable there i guess, they are not christian by the way.. so, they teman me to the sunday service then..
WuChang Conservative Baptist Church

Worship session, it seems like the church invited some kind of worship group to worship lead today, the 5 of them up there even have thier own album and seems kinda famous guar..

The pastor.. and the pulpit.. with a big cross at the back..

Another song after the sermon for the offering session, they practise passing around the offering bags.. and if you take note at the left side, 5backup singers.. at the right 1 pianist, 1 saxephonist(i spell this correctly??) and 1 drummer(cant see the drummer tho..) plus two leaders in the pulpit there..

this is the size of the church.. o.O

The church is having a No apologies talk soon! but surprisingly.. those who are allowed to attend is Std5-Form3.. erm.. i think.. it's a bit too young? and.. why dont extend the age to Form5 and above too? hmm.. maybe people here more open? and at such young age should know all these things before it's too late..

This is 3John:2 ''Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.''
Last but not least.. Lunch! hahahahaha.. i dont really like it.. but.. it's just to show it to people who like to eat.. for example.. Mr.Kuok.. hahahahaha..
Beef noodle!
Tata... =)


Mattster said...

hehe... the church looks like wesley methodist at MBS there... hehe

good to know that you`re goin` church... take care! :)

missing u much :)

ruth lee wan said...

which mr kuok? kaka
wahhhh the food so nice one. yum la. all the seafood. eh dabao back here la if you don't eat it..secretly put in the freezer . kaka. :P
church very big hor.

take care hugs. i misssssssssss you too! kekekekekekeke.

wen said...

Matt.. ya meh? is it your school that one? the one we passed by when we're on our way to your school to get cert?

Ruth.. not your kuok.. another kuok lar.. Xp.. put in freezer?! =.=" my mama also said the food is nice, said i so donk din eat the seafood..

Miss you both lar k! dont fight for me.. Xp..