Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taiwan [36th day]

Let me post bit bit of this and that which happened since the last blog by showing some pics k?

Taiwan.. have their small pilihan raya.. very big event lidat.. got parade sumor...

people standing on lorries.. asking the public to vote them..



One of the evening... hmmm.. should be saturday evening.. the uncle bring us to a nearby school.. to exercise..

i love the sky colour.. nice right? and if you look closely.. can see a moon right in the middle..

The kids and i walked on the running track.. we walked.. although it's a running track.. hahaha..

The uncle played.. at the basketball court...
Went to the aunt's place one night.. to watch 'The Lord of the Ring2'.. and took sum pics.. Xp..

the unique clock..

Chocolates! yummy chocolates from the aunt's friend.. all the way from Brazil..

Another night.. we have to buy get our own dinner.. we went out.. walked walked walk.. by the way.. we as in me and the kids.. so we walked walked walked... ended up...

McDonalds.. I'm lovin it!
Today.. It rained!! Thanks God for the rain... though i only wore one long sleeve and a thin jacket... it's cold lerh... winter time and it's raining and the wind blows.. got umbrella=no umbrella... Xp.. but i still love the rain.. =) cause.. it brings back lots of memories..
waiting for bus83.. in the cold cold day..

The polka dot umbrella that save me away from rain drops.. =)

Talking about polka dot.. i bought a baby blue polka dot shirt and a yellow shirt.. Xp..

That's all lar.. currently.. wel still helping out at the breakfast shop lor.. sometime wil go kai kai by myself.. for example.. today... Xp.. but didnt buy anything lar.. only bought some postcard.. To people who wants postcard.. send me your address and i'l consider wanna post it to you or not.. hahahahaha...
Tata.. =)


Mattster said...

ahaha.. 1300-13-1300.. xD

take care :)

missing ya lots :)

wen said...


McDonald eh? Xp..

Mattster said...

haha... yea... xP