Friday, January 11, 2008

Taiwan [31st day]

Erm.. Long time tak blog yea..

I come to Taiwan... erm..what's the purpose? to travel.. spend my holiday.. teach the two kids english.. help out in breakfast shop.. so now.. already started helping ler..

From Mon-Fri.. will take a bus83 to my work place.. work place is another uncle's breakfast shop walk to bus stop, take bus, then walk about 5mins to the work place.. start work at 9.20am.. Ends at 2.30pm.. so total is like.. 5hours lor..

The breakfast shop sells breakfast of course.. hahaha.. and also lunch lar.. they have..
-hamburger-chicken, barbeque, egg..
-toast, thick toast-french, chicken, tuna, egg..
-sandwich-chicken, vege, tuna..
-cake biscuit (refer to my previous post, got a pic of the cake biscuit.. Xp..)
-nasi pataya
-normal nasi for lunch hour, with butter chicken
-drinks-coffee, milk tea, soya, green tea, red tea, ovaltine.. aboveare all the food and drinks that the shop serve..

i helped out in smal smal things lor.. like prepare some of the food above, and drinks too.. i serve the food customer, i clean the table, sweep the floor, delivery sometimes.. so.. it's like a campur aduk job.. here a bit.. there a bit.. not bad.. it can be tiring.. cos it's a standing job.. well not dat bad.. i did a standing job before.. so.. it's not like a very tiring job.. it's just.. okay for me lar.. mayb i should take pictures of my work place.. hmmm.. maybe on my last day? Xp..

So now i got new daily life... wake up go work at breakfast shop, come back and reach this temporary home by 3pm, tv and online session, from 6pm onwards.. babysitter... hahahaha.. oh well... Xp..

Oh.. announcement... i confirm going back at 13th mar 2008, got my visa extended..

tata.. =)


Jeremy said...


I got Evon's permission to post a comment first... :-P

wah.. one of ur few posts without pictures.. post a pic of the food u prepare / serve there mar.. haha..

later kena sack for slacking.. :-P

Mattster said...

hey :) well.. good to hear things are going well.. esp for ur visa :) take care yea? :) missing ya much :)

ruth lee wan said...

kaka i knwo you curi makannnn the food you prepare...kakakaka...kidding
good good, active girl enjoying. come back on 13th march huh. yay!
miss you TOO! miss me k k, dont' miss matt matt. kidding. kaka. :P