Friday, January 25, 2008

Taiwan [46th day]

I'l go to the north side again.. this time along with the two kids.. so the three of us.. gonna take a train all the way up to the north.. a place call ZhongLi, about 1 hour drive from Taipei. We gonna stay at the kids grandma's place, mother side punya grandma. We'll spend about 1 week or plus at there.. Over there, the weather will be colder than KaoHsiung.. Brrr...

So.. as usual.. picture time.. Xp.. of what i did since the last post...

This is the maggie i had one of the's curry flavoured.. yumm yumm~ (22th jan 08)

This is what i had for my birthday.. birthday according to the chinese calendar.. it falls on Dec 16th in the chinese calendar.. mister donut again.. yummy~~ (23rd jan 08)

Food again! Roti Prata in Taiwan night market.. taste good! got diff sorts of flavour lagi! (25th jan 08)

Bags.. all sorts of bags in the night market.. it's only RM10+ wei.. not bad huh?but i already spent on items below.. so.. maybe antoher time.. hahaha...

Hair bands! Oh at last i bought.. bought 3 somemore.. all together cost me not more than RM10! cheap or expensive eh?

Scissor, paper, stone shirt! so cute hor?

Skirt.. nice ar? a bit like regret after i buy it.. but nevermind lar! =)

By the way.. i got my 1st angpau this year from the uncle that owns the breakfast shop that i help out at! Erm.. it's a big angpau.. hahahaha.. biggest that i ever received.. hehehe..more big angpau to come man!! Xp...

The next time i'l post a post.. will be.. during CNY or after i guess.. Xp.. have fun people! Miss you guys a lot! =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taiwan [40th day]

How did i spend this weekend?

After a very good night rest til 11am.. hahahaha... i bring the kids go kai kai.. Xp.. we went shop shop then bought some stationary that the boy need to use for his studies.. =) then we went makan!! We went to Mister Donut, a place where all sorts of doughnuts can be found there. it's real nice! but expensive pun lar.. we spent like almost RM30 there..

Some of the food that we ordered.. some are unfortunately in our stomach dah.. hahaha..

Mister donut, a place for doughnuts lover and lepak-ers.. i find that it is a good place to lepak!

At night, we went down a bit to the south a bit.. it's just around 15minds actually.. hahaha.. There's this dinner belanja-ed by aunt's husband.. it's like every company pun ada lar.. usually they held it before Chinese New Year, will just gather aroudn with friends and customers or business buddies to have a nice dinner.. they served 12dishes... bluek.. so much!!!!

The cold cold stuff..

Hot soup! just soup itself.. we had 3 kinds of different soup! o.O

The so called mini kind of lobster.. i din eat this.. cause i barely eat seafood.. Xp.. unless people peel it for me! my parent will probably shake thier head when they see the line above.. Xp..

Fruits! they have watermelon, pineapple, and lots of other fruits that i dont know what is it call in english... some cant even get it in Malaysia punyar..

My favourite... Ice cream! hahahaha...


Went church of course, last two weeks i used to attend a presbyterian church, which is kinda far.. so.. i discovered there's another church nearby, conservative baptist church.. so i went there with the kids.. the sunday service and sunday school is the same time, i teman the kids to the sunday school side, it seems like they dont feel comfortable there i guess, they are not christian by the way.. so, they teman me to the sunday service then..
WuChang Conservative Baptist Church

Worship session, it seems like the church invited some kind of worship group to worship lead today, the 5 of them up there even have thier own album and seems kinda famous guar..

The pastor.. and the pulpit.. with a big cross at the back..

Another song after the sermon for the offering session, they practise passing around the offering bags.. and if you take note at the left side, 5backup singers.. at the right 1 pianist, 1 saxephonist(i spell this correctly??) and 1 drummer(cant see the drummer tho..) plus two leaders in the pulpit there..

this is the size of the church.. o.O

The church is having a No apologies talk soon! but surprisingly.. those who are allowed to attend is Std5-Form3.. erm.. i think.. it's a bit too young? and.. why dont extend the age to Form5 and above too? hmm.. maybe people here more open? and at such young age should know all these things before it's too late..

This is 3John:2 ''Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.''
Last but not least.. Lunch! hahahahaha.. i dont really like it.. but.. it's just to show it to people who like to eat.. for example.. Mr.Kuok.. hahahahaha..
Beef noodle!
Tata... =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taiwan [36th day]

Let me post bit bit of this and that which happened since the last blog by showing some pics k?

Taiwan.. have their small pilihan raya.. very big event lidat.. got parade sumor...

people standing on lorries.. asking the public to vote them..



One of the evening... hmmm.. should be saturday evening.. the uncle bring us to a nearby school.. to exercise..

i love the sky colour.. nice right? and if you look closely.. can see a moon right in the middle..

The kids and i walked on the running track.. we walked.. although it's a running track.. hahaha..

The uncle played.. at the basketball court...
Went to the aunt's place one night.. to watch 'The Lord of the Ring2'.. and took sum pics.. Xp..

the unique clock..

Chocolates! yummy chocolates from the aunt's friend.. all the way from Brazil..

Another night.. we have to buy get our own dinner.. we went out.. walked walked walk.. by the way.. we as in me and the kids.. so we walked walked walked... ended up...

McDonalds.. I'm lovin it!
Today.. It rained!! Thanks God for the rain... though i only wore one long sleeve and a thin jacket... it's cold lerh... winter time and it's raining and the wind blows.. got umbrella=no umbrella... Xp.. but i still love the rain.. =) cause.. it brings back lots of memories..
waiting for bus83.. in the cold cold day..

The polka dot umbrella that save me away from rain drops.. =)

Talking about polka dot.. i bought a baby blue polka dot shirt and a yellow shirt.. Xp..

That's all lar.. currently.. wel still helping out at the breakfast shop lor.. sometime wil go kai kai by myself.. for example.. today... Xp.. but didnt buy anything lar.. only bought some postcard.. To people who wants postcard.. send me your address and i'l consider wanna post it to you or not.. hahahahaha...
Tata.. =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Taiwan [31st day]

Erm.. Long time tak blog yea..

I come to Taiwan... erm..what's the purpose? to travel.. spend my holiday.. teach the two kids english.. help out in breakfast shop.. so now.. already started helping ler..

From Mon-Fri.. will take a bus83 to my work place.. work place is another uncle's breakfast shop walk to bus stop, take bus, then walk about 5mins to the work place.. start work at 9.20am.. Ends at 2.30pm.. so total is like.. 5hours lor..

The breakfast shop sells breakfast of course.. hahaha.. and also lunch lar.. they have..
-hamburger-chicken, barbeque, egg..
-toast, thick toast-french, chicken, tuna, egg..
-sandwich-chicken, vege, tuna..
-cake biscuit (refer to my previous post, got a pic of the cake biscuit.. Xp..)
-nasi pataya
-normal nasi for lunch hour, with butter chicken
-drinks-coffee, milk tea, soya, green tea, red tea, ovaltine.. aboveare all the food and drinks that the shop serve..

i helped out in smal smal things lor.. like prepare some of the food above, and drinks too.. i serve the food customer, i clean the table, sweep the floor, delivery sometimes.. so.. it's like a campur aduk job.. here a bit.. there a bit.. not bad.. it can be tiring.. cos it's a standing job.. well not dat bad.. i did a standing job before.. so.. it's not like a very tiring job.. it's just.. okay for me lar.. mayb i should take pictures of my work place.. hmmm.. maybe on my last day? Xp..

So now i got new daily life... wake up go work at breakfast shop, come back and reach this temporary home by 3pm, tv and online session, from 6pm onwards.. babysitter... hahahaha.. oh well... Xp..

Oh.. announcement... i confirm going back at 13th mar 2008, got my visa extended..

tata.. =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Taiwan [22nd day]

Imbas kembali a bit k? Xp..

On 28th.. we were kinda bored.. we as in me and the two kids.. so we...

Little red riding hood licking big lolipop, maskman? batman?, cute little witch (from left)

Little girl acting as if she's in antartica..

On 29th.. Went Tainan.. it's d which means south taiwan..

took train to go there..

TouFuFa.. this TouFuFa is really nice... delicioussss...

Went to visit this famosa, AnPing Gu Bao.. the history of this place is a bit like our malacca's history..

One of the view of AnPing Gu Bao..

this is how people of the olden days get their water..

This is a local food, GuanCaiPan.. direct translate is coffin wood.. haha.. it's like toast bread with seafood stuff in it..
On 30th.. went to Tai[ei and stay one night at there.. Taipei it's the capital of Taiwan.. it's like.. people everywhere.. and it's cold man! it's like.. 12celcius.. well it's cold for me at least..

The MRT.. longer and nicer than our LRT..
XiMenDing.. this is the youngster's happening place..

That's Taipei 101.. nice and tall.. tallest building in the whole wide world for now.. the lion down there.. it's the character of Mister Donut, one of the bakery shop..

Here i come Taipei 101..

Night view of Taipei.. from Taipei 101.. lights all over..

this is.. erm.. for more info... check on the next pic.. Xp..

the intro of the big round thing..
on 31st.. the last day of 2007..
this place is call YuRen MaTou, at a place call DanShui in Taipei..

i like the bridge and the view of sea and river here.. but it's cold k? especially when the wind blows.. i wore like.. hmm.. 4 layers.. hehe..

on my way back to KaoHsiung in the bullet train station, i saw this cute little boy pulling the luggage while the mother buying tickets.. so cute... yes it's a blur picture.. =.="

too bored.. it's me on the window reflection..

Went back Kaohsiung.. and this little girl.. grab my hair and start showing off her 'skills'..

Kids.. playing some games with their blankets and soft toys..

One little cute boy who his parent come over to the uncle's house to countdown..
For everyone's info.. on 31st night.. wanted to go watch countdown concert.. Got LeeHom!! but at last decided not to go cause.. it's cold out ther.. and ther's a lot of people.. lazy go stand and all.. so stay at home and watch live on tv.. clearer.. warmer.. hahaha.. then at 12am went to the roof top and watch fireworkS.. =)

On 1st jan 2008!
went to watch "Alvin and the chipmunks" with the kids.. very nice.. very cute.. go watch people.. bring my bros go too! Xp.. but please ask my parents for permission dulu yea..

at night.. celebrated aunt's b'day.. it's a yam pudding cake.. yummy...
So that's all for this blogs.. i heard kavern got one missing tooth, new hair cut.. got cuter... can someone take his picture and show me pls? today 3rd jan... i feel so bad that i missed my bros 1st day to new school... miss them a lot... miss all of you there too... =) take care..