Friday, December 14, 2007

Taiwan here i am [2nd day]

Phew..manage not to get lost in airport, manage to reach taiwan safely.. during the flight was kinda worry and lots of thoughts just came to mind. but so far i guess everything's okay..

Christmas tree in HongKong airport (transit at there)

Plane (not mine, mine is China Airline)

Present from ann ann (very donk lar u ann! =.='')

Present from alicia (yor..hand itchy lerh alicia, y 25th? *sniff*)
[Image, just imagine ther's a image here..]
Present from matt matt (i didnt took a pictur of it! Pai seh lerh.. Xp)

Weather report: according to the uncle here, Kaohsiung's weather very tak tentu. sometimes can be cold, sometimes can be hot. so if i cant adapt the weather here, kinda easy to get sick, but so far okay lar, no worries!

Makan report: goodness!! i dah makan a lot wei.. people here seems to eat a lot, and the amount they eat is a lot too! can feel my tummy getting bigger ler.. but food here is like.. Doh!! everywhere is food man! Got something like our yong tau fu, got ais kacang, got noodles, but it's different from ours lar.. but well, i stil miss my tosei.. oh tosei... Xp...

Travel report: hello today is only like the 2nd day, what do u expect? travel also not much pun. today morning went to walk hill, i shall call it the 'staircase hill'. :P it's a hill in KaoHsiung, lots of people go ther walk walk. I pant and pant as i walked up. They made a pathway all the way, very nice pathways, all staircase!!! This show how useless i am, very low stamina.. Xp..

The kids that i supposed to help them with english is okay i guess. 1 8yrs old girl and 1 10 years old boy. The girl get along with me kinda well, she's more playful and talkative compare to the brother. the braother... need more time for him to accept me, he's not the easy open type people. oh well.. and the place i supposed to help out in the kopitiam, another uncle's shop lar, the place was okay. I supposed to learn how to make the sandwich ther, it's very nice!! Hope as a teacher to the kids and as a helper in the kopitiam will be okay for me.

And i know you guys must be thinking, that's all for pics?! yea lor.. i didnt bring my camera out lar, so donk! hehe.. will remember to bring next time.. what's my plan for the rest of the days? hmmm...will join the kids field trip or something lidat lar, with my teacher, oh ya my teahcer she's here too, she came over 1st, will teman me like 2 weeks then will go back malaysia.

Thanks a lot to Alicia, Jarod and Matt, who came all the way to airport to sent me off. really appreciate it. So sorry i cant really spend much time with you guys. (you guys came so lat lar duh!! joking.. Xp) Awww.. Alicia, you're such a sweet girl, love you very much, thnaks for teman me until the last step *hugsssss* Dont dare to hug anyone that time cause i know once i hug, i'l sure cry.. =(

Oh.. no msn here, cis.. Xp..dont think it's good to download it too, not my comp lar ni. So can only blog and mail, or skype lar, but i hardly use skype.

I'm okay here, no worries! will update more.. =)

Miss you guys a lot!! Love you guys a lot!!


Mattster said...

get a skype account! :P wan? haha.. missing u very much here :')

wen said...

haha... i dah ada lerh...