Friday, December 21, 2007

Taiwan [9th day]

Went to a lot of nice places today.. here come the pictures..

Those with red circles, is the places that i went today, a lot eh? Xp.. ShanHai.. HouPiHu.. South Bay.. Sail Rock.. Banana Bay.. Long Pan.. (left to right)

Those in squares are Taiwan Straits, Bashi Channel and Pacific Ocean (left to right)

This is our first stop.. at some place call DaPeng, it's a lake.. very big natural lake..

This is the uncle's cousin place.. this is a erm.. tempat memelihara ikan-ikan, Xp.. that long path in the middle, made of wood, very shaky pun.. so pening when walk that, like gona fall in sajer..

Look carefully.. the house seems weird? because of the a lot of tempat memelihara ikan-ikan, it seems like it's over-garamand dunno why every year the ground of the whole village there will go down little by little.. that's why the ground floor seems so short..

Yes no swimming nor fishing in this area.. the point of taking this picture is the 1st 2 words of the last line, PingDong, 1 of the area or district, in Taiwan.

a view of the sea from a small fisherman's village

The tenaga angin.. what izit call in english?! Xp.. this is located at the most south part.. the left south part og Taiwan.

Fisherman killing the fish..this fish seemsto be the shasimi thingy..

A view from NanWan.. can see the tenaga angin thing from here..

We went and walk on this rocks..not easy k! have to cross 'small river' like this! and walking and rocky rocks! Walk a short distance only lar.. hehe..

Look it's me! hahaha.. at Banana Bay.. it looks like a banana shape bay so called banana bay lor..

Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. like this line! Xp..

Nice view form LongPan.. the ocean that is in the picture.. is Pacific Ocean! Take note.. they have mountains by the seaside.. interesting place.. can see sunrise from here too! must be nice kan?

Ops! it's me again.. with the nice scenery at the back.. really love the view here..

nice sunset view from the same place.. but from the west side of course..

We went and ride on this too! exciting.. but the sterring.. super tight! but overall not bad.. =)

Look not only on the watch.. not only on the moon.. look both! 5.40pm only okay?! and it's dark dah.. moon pun dah keluar.. O.o

This place.. this piece of ground very weird.. only this piece of ground got natural gas from the bottom that rise up to the surface and cause the fire.. the fire is ever there der.. interesting..

Played this too! childish? hehe.. brings back my childhood memory..

That's all! =)