Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taiwan [7th day]

Have tea time Monday after visiting one of the kids field trip.

This is the tea time i had on monday during tea time.. hahahaha...

This is where i have the tea time..

This is a view from where i have my tea time..

The sunset from i saw during my tea time..

Went to another area of KaoHsiung on tuesday with another old couple..

The confucians temple

Temple by the lake..

Hmm let's see.. Later will go bookshop.. Then evening will go out buy some snacks..

Tomorrow night will go dinner with another old couple..

Friday will go somewhere else.. i think goin Tainan.. hahaha.. might go another hill.. oh man... Xp.. luckily i had recover from the hill before this.. hahaha..

Will blog more pictures and updates!



Mattster said...

ooo.. so nice wan ur tea time... hehe.. tsk tsk tsk.. sure get fat ard when come back =p nvm... G hill k? xD

take care...missing u lots.. :)

wen said...

right! i m so going to be fat.. Xp..