Monday, December 17, 2007

Taiwan [5th day]

Early in the morning dah bangun just to blog and update you guys.. Cis.. remember my christmas present lar!! Xp...
Ystrdy didnt go church ler.. Ops.. =s Havent really arrange with the uncles, so... But got sum churches in mind, but dunno what kind of church also, cause their church here not like ours. Ours, once we see the name of the church, will know what type of church ler, here tak der lerh... so will go and check it out!
So.. i went to a place called.. 'Qi Jin', i duno what is it called in english.. Xp.. 'Qi' means flag lar.. 'Jin' is the same 'Jin' as 'TianJin'(a place in china). So yea.. there is seaside de oh! so nice.. hehe.. in order to get there, we can either travel by car then go thru an underground tunnel.. well not really underground but undersea! *under the sea... under the sea* Xp.. Or we can travel by ferry.
Tak nak cakap banyak.. here comes the pics.. =)

The girl asked me to take this picture before we get out from the lift. Is this the 'Golden something?' hehe..

Lunch: one dish only RM11.. i repeat!! one dish is only RM11! For drinks and rice, self service and it's free! but as usual i dont really eat seafood, so have to eat more vege..

Ooooo.. Look! Beca lerh..

A view from the ferry

This is what they called 'DaWanPing', direct translate means 'BigBowlIce'. it is big huh? this is for 7 people to eat lar k? not one.. Xp.. It's all fruits and ice.. yum yum..

Sands at QiJin beach are all black, and it's clean.. Black sands.. Woo.. Interesting...

The girl and dog again..

'The Eagles' performing at the park near the beach. They are like some sort of orang asli at Taiwan. Can sing quite well de lerh..

That's all for pics.. New week coming.. hope can experience more.. =)

Take care.. =)


Mattster said...

hehe.. golden retriever.. :) nice dog.. hehe..

wah.. den their house got dog? then ma u scared like giler la hor? hehe =p

Mattster said...

oh.. missing u much too :)

take care!


wen said...

Donk! Here dog very far havent see any scary dog like your MaxMax... Xp...