Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taiwan [3rd day]

Aloha... Xp... picture time!!

The girl, riding her bicycle in the centre park of the apartment

Night market!!! ShinKuChan.

Bear Bear key chains, they have lots of keychain!

handphone bags.. look at the up left corner! gown handphone bags!

The kids LOVES doggy.. seriously LOVE!!!

More dogs.. dogs in shirt lagi!

bags..all sorts of bag.. Elmo, Mickey, Pooh....

Fish balls!!

JolinTsai's billboard! nice huh? =)

Look!! Phoebe?!?!?! hahaha.. Phoebe diam diam sajer, dah ada shop kat sini woi!!! Xp..

2nd grade 7th class, the students and the teacher

Part of the sports day parade, the building at the background is the school,
very big, very nice..

My breakfast today! Ham+Egg in 'cake biscuit, taste nice.. yummy... Xp..

Last but not least.....

Ta-da! Xp... the girl took a picture of me in her class

ShinKuChan is a everyday pun open punya pasar malam. they have all sorts of thing selling there. Not only have stalls there, along the night market also have shops too! We cycle there, along with my teacher and 1 of the auntie, and the two kids. Cycling was kinda scary for me,cause we cycle on big big roads. And by the way, their driver's seat is at the left side. So.. everytime when i wanna cross the road, have to be extra careful, because the traffic flows is the opposite of ours. This is one of the upside down thing between here and malaysia.

Have fun walking in the night market, nice experience. The aunt told me night market in Taipei is 3-4times bigger than the night market here!! O.o Well just to mention some of the things that they sell in the night market.. Shirts, shoes, jeans, bags, wallets, hair accessories, earings, inner clothes, foods, drinks and so on so on....

The school was real big, real nice. not like ours, only Malay schools is nice. They even have those volunteers that jaga the main road and lead kids to school. They really care for the kids safety. The classroom is only nice, as in there's no conteng all over it. Oh, about the uniform, they have summer uniform and winter uniform, the differences are long or sleeves, long or short pants. No wonder the girl asked me the other day when she saw my school picture, 'eh? why you wear skirt 1??' Now i know, even girls also wear pants as uniform.

More updates! =)

Miss you all...


Mattster said...

take care.. :) missing you much..

wen said...

will do so.. dont you worry.. =) u too k? =)

Meiyee said...

wah looks like u're having fun oh! :) Get to go school wan? hehe

btw, please send me ur address in Taiwan! :P


wen said...

haha.. not i go school lar.. Xp.. go to kepoh sajer.. Xp..

oh.. i send to your wat mail then? hehe..

Jeremy said...

wah... someone got lots of time to blog eh.. hehe..

looking fwd to see more pics from you.. hehe..

take care oh!