Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taiwan [15th day]

on 25th..

Came Dream Mall, a kinda big shopping mall at KaoHsiung..

this is how it looks from the inside..

This ferris wheel is on this shopping mall.. didnt went for the ride tho.. :P

have lunch here.. start with drinking sky juice..

This is the aunt's lunch.. some spagetthi..

This is mine! curry rice.. with chicken.. =)

This is the place we have our lunch..

It's more like a place that have makan place and shopping place.. so we makan den walk walk here..

This stupid water tap... not push left or right.. which is what i did, like raffly.. i so donk! =.="

It's supposed to lift up... oh man... =.="

Oooo.. Nici's collcetion... at the bookstore..

Some of the decoration that they have in the mall..
On christmas eve.. i gave the kids thier christmas present..


And after.. see how happy they are.. Xp..
Now.. it's my christmas present.. hehe..

From the aunt.. so cute.. Xp..
From ann ann.. Pray that she'l learn a lot from the camp she's in now.. =)

From alicia dear.. aww.. i really love this card.. so nice.. x)
That's it.. did i mention before i'm going Taipei this weekend? Xp.. woot! but it'l be really cold over there.. till 9celcius man.. brrr... =)


ruth lee wan said...

hey. haha im faster than matt this time!!! matt everyday miss you...keke...i also miss you k.keke. :P
nice pics la..and easy to! merry chritmas and a happy new year!

wen said...

hehe..yay!u won!! Xp.. He's in camp mar..dats y..

Blessed new year to you too!!

Miss laughing together with you ler.. Xp.. *hugs*

take care yea?

Mattster said...

=.=" cheh!!! bluek!!! haha.. i was in camp la... hehe..

yup.. nice pics :) hehe..

missing you lots! :)