Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Taiwan [13th day]

On the 22nd and 23rd Dec, went camping at HuaShan in YunLin.

Before we go camping, we came here.. what place is this?

mah here lor..one of the Local Uni.. But why?

mah for this Mocha lor.. *bluek* the small yellow thing at the side is cheese+olive oil.. eh? Uni? coffee?

Yup.. there's this coffee shop here in the Local Uni.. Who make the coffee?

mah the sifu here lor..

After coffee, stil before camping.. we had this!! ChaoTaoFu.. nice ler.. yummy... i guess the Khoos will like this..

By the time we reach the camp place.. it's already night.. around 9sumtin, cause we got lost, hehe..

Then we chat and sleep and...

Look! Sunrise! yea.. this is 30mins after the sunrise.. Xp..

Bangun pagi.. Gosok gigi.. Xp.. Gosok gigi at here.. so nice hoh?

Nice flower.. looks like a princess gown kan?

Then we went walk walk at the tea farm.. is it call tea farm? whatever lar.. hehe..

What is this called in english? i know chinese is PuGongYing..

A view from where we stop, can see how high the mountain we went..

Ta-da! hehehe...

with the two kids i'm staying with..

Kids playing

Went to a waterfall too.. this is very interesting place.. tau mengapa?

cos it's a place where all the ground is fossil rocks.. izit called fossil? erm.. it's like duno how many thousand years ago this place is way under the sea lar..

They have this bridge here too.. can see the rocks below is very different.. greyish white like that..

this!!! i ate this okay! like a big spoonful of this!!! well taste okay lar.. Xp.. try guess?

okay.. enuf of this post.. let this picture be this post's ending.. hahahaha... if you guess it correctly.. i might buy more present for you oh?

Oh.. just one last update.. me going Taipei this weekend oh.. Xp..

Have fun in christmas and not forget the true meaning of christmas ya people?

tata.. =)


Mattster said...
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wen said...

neh... not.. Xp..

Mattster said...

baby bee!! =p haha..

ruth lee wan said...

ah i think its termites!

wen said...

hehe..it's baby bees lerh... Xp