Monday, December 24, 2007

Taiwan [12th day]

A lonely christmas without love ones? not really..=)

The clouds He created, covers me..

The flowers He created, smiles at me..

The streams He created, sings to me..

I am not alone this christmas..

He is here with me this christmas, shining His love to me..

Blessed Christmas to all my love ones.. =)



Mattster said...

merry christmas to you too.. :)

missing u lots.. :)

Jeremy said...

Merry Christmas!

wen said...

Thanks matt.. miss you too.. =)

Thanks jeremy.. also got miss you lar k? Xp..

eliselise said...

merry christmas!

alicia said...

I like this post!!! =) merry Christmas! Liked the card? Hee hee.

wen said...

out of 57 post, you only like this alicia?!?! *sobs* Xp..

Love it! not like it.. hehehe.. thanks..