Thursday, November 29, 2007


I used...
the wonders of colour pens do...
'the work of the colour pens'

Was having a very bad and down mood..
So, decided to do something, and 'the work of colour pen' is the something.
I wrote about all sorts of stuff, stuff that breaks into 12 categories, each categories got 8 in it..
Below are the 12 categories, plus one of the example.. =)

1st: Lines that is 1st in my mind at that moment [iwantmyselfback!]
2nd: Food [chocolate]
3rd: People [meiyee]
4th: Places [G-hill]
5th: Things [sealseal]
6th: Movies [secret]
7th: Songs [That'swheniloveyou]
8th: Disney cartoon character [Anastasia]
9th: Drinks [Vitagen]
10th: Economics [ForeignExchange]
11th: Science [oxygen]
12th: Things that come as a pair [weddingrings]

After completing 'the works of colour pens', i feel much better.. =) except that my eyes are a bit painful now..

So.. which word is the one that 1st caught your eye?
Try list down all 96 stuff that i wrote if you're way too free... maybe i'll treat you lunch if you really do? Xp...

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