Thursday, November 29, 2007


I used...
the wonders of colour pens do...
'the work of the colour pens'

Was having a very bad and down mood..
So, decided to do something, and 'the work of colour pen' is the something.
I wrote about all sorts of stuff, stuff that breaks into 12 categories, each categories got 8 in it..
Below are the 12 categories, plus one of the example.. =)

1st: Lines that is 1st in my mind at that moment [iwantmyselfback!]
2nd: Food [chocolate]
3rd: People [meiyee]
4th: Places [G-hill]
5th: Things [sealseal]
6th: Movies [secret]
7th: Songs [That'swheniloveyou]
8th: Disney cartoon character [Anastasia]
9th: Drinks [Vitagen]
10th: Economics [ForeignExchange]
11th: Science [oxygen]
12th: Things that come as a pair [weddingrings]

After completing 'the works of colour pens', i feel much better.. =) except that my eyes are a bit painful now..

So.. which word is the one that 1st caught your eye?
Try list down all 96 stuff that i wrote if you're way too free... maybe i'll treat you lunch if you really do? Xp...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Rojak 4"

Graduation.. it's an again.. but this time.. it's different..

Form6 prefects

Bunch of friends

Evon & friends!

Wedding Joy!

Oh.. wedding wedding... Xp... congrats to Shan Chung & Sung Ting.. =) By the way.. wedding preparation is no easy... no easy man... hmmm.. the just married couple should be in their honeymoon i guess.. no one knows where are they? hehe...

Did this with the help of mon, ruth, jen li, ji hye, matt.. hmm who else? Nice?

Bunch of CG people who went for the wedding dinner

Girls! =)

Us & the just married ones!

STPM for now... Xp..

wel it's okay... not bad...

-Bahagian A & B essays are fine.
-Bahagian C ulasans too.
-Bahagian D graph, oh dear... i dont even know how many zero does a ribu have and how many zero does a juta have.. well, i guess i got my figures kinda wrong.. but manage to lakar my own graph out. Hopefully the jadual, the tajuk, the sumber got some marks lar.. Xp..
-Bahagian E, i tried the gambarajah instead of the tafsiran jadual that teacher taught before. my teacher havent taught us any gambarajah before. But i got more interest in the gambarajah, so i go.. 'Dear Lord, i'm trying a new thing man.. Do jaga me tau?' Xp.. i thought i'm the only weirdo that did that question but hey! i found anohter weirdo who sits right beside me! Xp..

2 more weeks!! to end this STPM!! yay!!!!!!!!!!


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study yiwen"

Study yiwen...