Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Parent's Taiwan Trip

-13th Oct 2007-21st Oct 2007
-Parent and the Chew's
-Taiwan-Taipei, Taroko, GaoHsiung
-they bought back sweets and chocs and some other souvenirs too! Xp...

Photo1: They get to sit at the business class in plane... look at the seat man...

Photo2: Taipei 101, the wind there seems to be that strong...

Photo3: Visit the 'A Mei' tribe.

Photo4: Taroko

Photo5: A view of GaoHsiung

Photo6: Climb HeHuan mount.

Photo7: Top of HeHuan Mount North Peak. 3422m. 'We made it!!!!'

Photo8: Keychain from Taipei101

Photo9: more keychain

Photo10: nice hair clips, it's really nice and unique! (have to wait till hair grows long back! =/ )

They enjoyed themselves, the Chew's too... :)
Hopefully i'l be enjoying too in about 2 months time... =)

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