Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My parent sent me to some nursery scool in taman melawati, or was it at taman pertama? hmmm... anyway, they sent me there when i'm only 3 years old. Some people might ask: 'What?! so young wor...' Well, cause i'm the 1st child and no one plays with me in house, so i go nursery school and play! Xp...

Later when i'm 5 and 6 years old, i spent my kindergarden years in St Ronan, in titiwangsa area there. And it's only when i'm in secondary school i started realize that i have bunch of friends are from St Ronan too! Xp... what a small world... ''We are from St Ronan... We are from St Ronan... Early in the morning... Happy to be here...''


That's me, among the guys... Xp.. Kok Hoe, which is my classmate is in the same row with me, 3rd kid from the left! Friends since 5 years old! Oldest friend of mine..

Sport day

Year 1993 Concert-Japanese dance (Mon said 'look like kavern man...', is it??)

6years old-in classroom

By the way... Kavern just celebrated his 6th birthday! Xp... happy birthday to him....
blowing off 6 candles


Jeremy said...

Haha.. hidup St Ronan!


wen said...

haha! Xp...