Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Rojak' Photos

*edited (one more drawing, Xp..)

Just to post some photos... nice photos... Xp...

Taken: 16th June 07
>> Drawing on Account notes
>> that's Nien as in Nien Nee & Me as in duh... me as in me.. Xp...

Taken: 26th July 07
>> Fried rice
>> Fried by me, well, looks nice, taste... erm... 60marks over 100marks.. Xp..

Taken: 20th Aug 07
>> Butterfly on leaf. (from: Swarovski)
>> From my friend when he went Europe for holiday.

Taken: 6th Sept 07
>> A ceramic paper bag?
>> Obviously it's Yennie's punya.. convocation present.

Taken: 13th Sept 07
>> Drawing on trial paper (occasion: wedding, garden wedding to be specific, Xp)
>> Draw it in the middle of my Perniagaan2 trial paper, i'm so bored of writing answers.. Xp.. so i draw!

Taken: 13th Sept 07
>> McDonald couponssssss...
>> McDonald anyone?! Xp....

Taken: 13th Sept 07
>> Drawing on DoubleA A4 paper..
>> Words are lyrics from The Carpenters 'They long to be (close to you)'. So nice this drawing! and also the song! Xp..

oh well... Trials.... Gonna end soon lor!!!!!


Mattster said...

i wan i wan!!! =p mc donalds i mean =p

Jeremy said...

Now we know wut r u thinking of during trial exams..