Friday, September 07, 2007

Care 2 Care?

>>CG camp-Care 2 Care?
>>31st Aug-2nd Sept
>>Kuantan, Pahang

Hari Pertama
Ruth: There's a road there, turning into Jalan XXX. Okay, go straight and look for Jalan YYY. Eh? we are in Jalan ZZZ??

Sea: people just like to take my photos. Hmmm... am i that nice?

Jon: there there, stick it nicely k? it's our doraemon tau?

Yennie: Banana in pyjamas loves banana!

Hari Kedua

All: We are the Five Love Languages girl!

Mon: Chill yo~~

Ruth: Hmmm...

Ruth: I'l walk with you~

Camera Girl: Awwww~~ So sweet~~

Jason: i LOVE sands! Xp...

All: Let's take photos before we wet ourselves after the game.

David: Ops.. Enough already, the balloon gonna burst!

Mon: Peace man! don't attack me..

Camera Girl: Eh?? mana pergi itu feets?

Yennie: Look!! There's a crab on my hand!

Camera Girl: Where's the top of the pyramid?

Matt: Steady... Steady...

Camera Girl: Unavailable young man..

Hon Chien: 'Spoon'? 'Spoons'? or 'Spoonful'?

Hari Ketiga

All: Kami cinta Doraemon!!

Camera Girl: Stop snoring lar wei....

Camera Girl: Tata Kuantan!!



alicia said...

nice post evon!!! i like i like. X)

Jeremy said...


My sleeping pic was NOT supposed to be there!


wen said...

kepada jeremy
>>hmmm... ops... Xp...

wen said...

kepada alicia
>>hehe.. i crack my head n think of it... Xp... so happy u like it! as long as u like it, even if other ppl dun like, i pun tak care! hehehe...

Mattster said...

if i say i dun like leh? hahaha..

wen said...

oh man... u dun like?
Hmmmmm... close your eyes?