Wednesday, August 01, 2007


>>> Old shoe & New shoe
The old shoe, well actually not that old also, i bought it when i entered form6. But it's such a cheap shoe, Xp... so it looks like that lor.. Xp..

But after lots of complaints from my friends and parent, i went and bought a new shoe!! YAY! i like my new shoe, it's so white and nice and.... i just like it.. Xp..

Below are some of the coke cans and bottles i collected. Well, actually daddy bought it for me, Xp..

Nice coke can huh? i like the last one among all 3, which is from one korea hypermarket at ampang..

Dats all, gtg study... Xp... TATA...


Jeremy said...

sigh.. I want new shoes too

wen said...

muahaha... buy one only lor... Xp..