Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My testimonial


Well lately in form six block, everyone is busy writing testimonial to everyone. Didn't blog so long, so i just post up the testimonial my friend wrote lar. Belows are testimonials from my dear friends. Xp...

by [Alvin Loh Wei Zuan]

I’m happy and glad that I can know you. You are the one who always organize everything for our class, anyone’s birthday, any special event and so on. Everything is lead by you, so you are very important to our class. Lastly, I wish your love never fails and a happy ending for your love. May God bless you and all your dreams come true.

~by [Ng Pei Yee]

Sometimes, I will be attracted by you! But don’t misunderstand my inner thoughts. I just attracted by your characteristic. No doubts, you are a nice, cheerful, talkative, chatty, optimistic, independent, hardworking… girl that I had ever met. You also can laugh easily non-stop, even at the back of class I can hear your’ sweet’ voice. Besides that, I would like to say ‘thank you’ because of the reason below: because of you, our friendships among classmates become closer. Because of you, make me realize the importance of friendship in our lifetime. Because of you, our class becomes more ‘noisy’ and happy. Lastly, we will appreciate what you have done for our class. Hope you can achieve your goal in STPM and all the dreams come true.

~by [Teh Soo Leng]

Another girl named Yi Wen in our class. Therefore it’s quite easy for us to ridicule them. She is our class’s ‘moving dictionary’ as she had a good command in English. I am very glad to have her in my life and friend list. She is a very pretty girl indeed. For information, she’s still single but ‘Not Available’. Sorry for all the admirers out there. Having her as my friend had brings lots of joy and laughter in my life and also makes my form six’s life much easier. It is great to have her as my friend and I want to thank God for her presence in my life. My wish for you is that you will pass your STPM with flying colours. May our friendship last forever and thanks for being my friend.

by [Wong Yi Wen]

A person who have the same name as I do, but we actually play two different characters. It was interesting everytime the teacher call the name ‘Yi Wen’. For the first time, you will stand up and then you will sit down back when you realized that teacher was actually calling me. Now you would not stand up until the teacher call out your full name, as what I usually do, wait till teacher call my full name… ha-ha! Day passed by, we became closer. You are really U6A’s birthday card designer because you always design the birthday card for everyone in our class on their birthday. And you cheer up our class too. Gambateh! No matter it’s your studies or future, just do your best and continue to cheer up other’s life!

~by Lee Nien Nee
It's my pleasure to be your friend. You are such a nice girl and always have a friendly smile on your face. I'm glad hat i get the chance to sit beside you in this year. I would never forget the moments we chit-chat, do homework, do revision (seldom!), share stories... And your 'cold jokes', ha-ha... Remember to keep in touch. wish you will succeed your dreams in the future. Goodbye my friend and thanks for the moment you spend together with me!

I will really the friendship in U6A... =)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


>>> Old shoe & New shoe
The old shoe, well actually not that old also, i bought it when i entered form6. But it's such a cheap shoe, Xp... so it looks like that lor.. Xp..

But after lots of complaints from my friends and parent, i went and bought a new shoe!! YAY! i like my new shoe, it's so white and nice and.... i just like it.. Xp..

Below are some of the coke cans and bottles i collected. Well, actually daddy bought it for me, Xp..

Nice coke can huh? i like the last one among all 3, which is from one korea hypermarket at ampang..

Dats all, gtg study... Xp... TATA...