Monday, July 02, 2007


>>> Report card
I wanted to ask mummy sign it but she was busy cooking. Who knows daddy is so free and mummy said, 'nah.. daddy s here what, asked him sign lar he's free now.' Oh man... and he looked at my report card carefully, den suddenly his eyes got bigger when he looked at my account's result. Before he say something i better say it 1st, 'Dont worry lar daddy, i'll work harder and it can be improved lar..' He didnt say a word, then signed it. Phew........ I know i let him down, let her down. Please dont put such high expectation on me, it'll somehow be a burden for me.

>>> Mute handphone
I did switch on my handphone. I did turn off the silent mode. No calls. No messages. No No No..
Not even messages. i know it's going to mute but still, i check it once in a while, just to check if there's any messages. Neh... Not half a message i got also. Oh well.. It's mute.. It's going to be so so mute until Saturday night.

>>> Britain Got Talent
Just want to comment on the cute 6 years old girl Connie, she's amazing. Check out her video clips on Britain got talent at youtube.. =)

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