Monday, July 16, 2007


Today i got my MUET result.

I am disappointed, because of my result. i guess it's because i set such high expectation on myself, that's why i was kind of disappointed when i got my result.

Even before i open my slip, i cried, cause i'm way too nervous, nervous until i cried. Suddenly feel very burden to open it, then just cried. Xp.. Well, i got...

Yea.. so that's the result i got. 3 more marks to go to achieve band5... argh................ quite.. actually very disappointed at the 1st place lar, but after a while, sigh... let it be lar.. Went and talk to Deb after i took my result also, dont ask why i go talk to her, it's just... dont know, just go talk to her bout it lor. Xp..

Resit again? i think and think again. at 1st thought want resit again to try to get band5, but after a while, it's not that worth it after all. Before i make my decision, i called someone.

Me: Hey, i got my result already.
Someone: Really?
Me: Yea, i got band4 only eh..
Someone: Ar???
Me: Yor... why you 'ar?' somemore?
Someone: Oh.. Sorry..
Me: So.. Do you think i should resit again?
Someone: I think you should'nt lor..
Me: Oh okay.. =)

So, i've decided, not to resit again and pay more attention on my STPM. =)


Mattster said...

wahh...who u called oh? hehe... xP

band 4..hmmmm... hehe...

congratulations!! :)

wen said...

yea lar... u got band5 mar... very geng lar... 009!

Mattster said... 6.... after come out work also no use already la... haha..