Monday, May 21, 2007

Prefect camp '07

It's never too late to blog something happened on the march holiday right? Xp...

The prefect camp 2007...

Setting up camp

Part of the war game

Part of the station game.. Break an egg, but only egg white needed. Add a bit of sugar. Beat it for 10 minutes. It'l become like hair cream and wont fall off.. like what the guy did! =)

Part of the station game.. passing water from cup to cup on top of your head..

Getting signatures from seniors..

ex seniors-2002

ex seniors-2006

The annual prefect camp is quite a big and important event in the prefectorial board. This brings back my memories..

Prefect camp year 2004..
-At Dusun Eco Resort.
-Hwan & I, the ketua kumpulan of kumpulan2.
-Enjoy jungle trekking at night.
-Running up and down hill during the station game.
-Being fooled by seniors.
-Being the 'parents' for 3 days in my kumpulan with Hwan.
-Not really enjoying sleeping on small rocks with only a thin carpet on it, but enjoy chit chating with other campers in the tent.
-Not really enjoying bathing with the cold water, but enjoying screaming over the cold water.
-Happy to be the pelatih perempuan terbaik
-Happy to be in Kumpulan2 which won the kumpulan terbaik.

Being a prefect is fun, tho there are up and downs, but what i treasure most is the friendship i have, and several things i've learnt and still keep on learning.. =)

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