Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh MSN...

Tonight i go 'siao' around at MSN...

With Encik Jarod..
Talking bout 'study lar yiwen....', 'jaga your bro lar....'. Encik Jarod is my reminder... as in.. he always remind me to study... To love my bros... well i assume all the 'victims' kena the same too right? :P Well... insaf lar Encik Jarod.. :P

With Cik Mon..
Talking bout the piggy award! hahaha... Some people just sleep too much until we both cant stand it anymore.. People like us who go school have to wake up so early while that piggy award winner continue piggy-ing.. :P insaf lar Encik Piggy.. :P

With Cik Ann..
Clones.. what else can happen when the clones get together? :P We kacau our victim Encik Simeon. hahaha... We were talking bout marriage! haha... I'm ann's 1st and Ann's my 1st.. And Encik Simeon is our 2nd and we're Encik Simeon's 1st! hahaha...

With Encik Matt..
Nothing much.. He was doing camp schedule.. and i'm so kind to help him n HIS camp schedule... Specially for him.. 'Sleep whole day' :P

With Encik Zx..
Nothing much.. He was teaching ann how to settle her MSN problem.. and fail to help to find Jay Chou's song lyrics.. Nevermind kid! you did help somehow.. Thanks Encik Zx :P

With Cik Alicia..
Talking bout halter top.. People! she looks nice with that EMMY (Evon-Matt-MeiYee) on her! :P then talking bout something that called 'our guy'. Dont worry if you dont get what it means.. because you ot suppose to get what it means.. :P Right Cik Alicia? :P

Kepada all Encik dan Cik... Thanks for being on9 and chat with me... :P love you guys!! Sorry.. today i a bit lovey dovey ard... very siao... hahaha!!! Muacks! Tata....

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