Thursday, May 31, 2007

The girl who sits at my right hand side

The girl who sits besides me in form6..

Dear Nien Nee aka Nen Nen..

Today i shall blog bout her, cause i feel like want to blog bout her lor!! hahahaha.....

I knew her since form1, when we were all junior prefect. But we didn't talk to each other that much, and she resigned from being one too when she's in form2 i guess. And we do less and less and soon no more talking to each other already.

*fast fast fast forward*

And so, it's form6! =) We re-start our friendship again when we're in form6. Get to know each other better. Chat more and more and more. To prove that i really know her, here are some stuff bout her which i noticed..

1. She cant be disturb when she's reading newspaper, and she wont bother you at all. People... she's not being rude, but she's just too focus i guess..

2. She regret not to take diploma in piano, but i guess she do enjoy her form6 life somehow..

3. She will get real mad when she's really tak puas. She'll show out her emotions when she burst! Dun play play wei... :P

4. She can draw very well, like those comics character. it's sort of like japanese cute cute cartoon. Our 6th former club's shirt was designed by her too!

And today.. we were talking bout 'fishing' and 'her piano teaching life'. Really enjoy chatting with you, nen.. haha...

It's nice to have you during my form6 life! =) love you~ Wish you all the best in your life!

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Mattster said...

hmph! she betray me....go show the msg i send to her to u... 009!