Thursday, May 31, 2007

The girl who sits at my right hand side

The girl who sits besides me in form6..

Dear Nien Nee aka Nen Nen..

Today i shall blog bout her, cause i feel like want to blog bout her lor!! hahahaha.....

I knew her since form1, when we were all junior prefect. But we didn't talk to each other that much, and she resigned from being one too when she's in form2 i guess. And we do less and less and soon no more talking to each other already.

*fast fast fast forward*

And so, it's form6! =) We re-start our friendship again when we're in form6. Get to know each other better. Chat more and more and more. To prove that i really know her, here are some stuff bout her which i noticed..

1. She cant be disturb when she's reading newspaper, and she wont bother you at all. People... she's not being rude, but she's just too focus i guess..

2. She regret not to take diploma in piano, but i guess she do enjoy her form6 life somehow..

3. She will get real mad when she's really tak puas. She'll show out her emotions when she burst! Dun play play wei... :P

4. She can draw very well, like those comics character. it's sort of like japanese cute cute cartoon. Our 6th former club's shirt was designed by her too!

And today.. we were talking bout 'fishing' and 'her piano teaching life'. Really enjoy chatting with you, nen.. haha...

It's nice to have you during my form6 life! =) love you~ Wish you all the best in your life!


To dear 'the one and only',


From 'the one and only person who is very sorry'

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh MSN...

Tonight i go 'siao' around at MSN...

With Encik Jarod..
Talking bout 'study lar yiwen....', 'jaga your bro lar....'. Encik Jarod is my reminder... as in.. he always remind me to study... To love my bros... well i assume all the 'victims' kena the same too right? :P Well... insaf lar Encik Jarod.. :P

With Cik Mon..
Talking bout the piggy award! hahaha... Some people just sleep too much until we both cant stand it anymore.. People like us who go school have to wake up so early while that piggy award winner continue piggy-ing.. :P insaf lar Encik Piggy.. :P

With Cik Ann..
Clones.. what else can happen when the clones get together? :P We kacau our victim Encik Simeon. hahaha... We were talking bout marriage! haha... I'm ann's 1st and Ann's my 1st.. And Encik Simeon is our 2nd and we're Encik Simeon's 1st! hahaha...

With Encik Matt..
Nothing much.. He was doing camp schedule.. and i'm so kind to help him n HIS camp schedule... Specially for him.. 'Sleep whole day' :P

With Encik Zx..
Nothing much.. He was teaching ann how to settle her MSN problem.. and fail to help to find Jay Chou's song lyrics.. Nevermind kid! you did help somehow.. Thanks Encik Zx :P

With Cik Alicia..
Talking bout halter top.. People! she looks nice with that EMMY (Evon-Matt-MeiYee) on her! :P then talking bout something that called 'our guy'. Dont worry if you dont get what it means.. because you ot suppose to get what it means.. :P Right Cik Alicia? :P

Kepada all Encik dan Cik... Thanks for being on9 and chat with me... :P love you guys!! Sorry.. today i a bit lovey dovey ard... very siao... hahaha!!! Muacks! Tata....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Prefect camp '07

It's never too late to blog something happened on the march holiday right? Xp...

The prefect camp 2007...

Setting up camp

Part of the war game

Part of the station game.. Break an egg, but only egg white needed. Add a bit of sugar. Beat it for 10 minutes. It'l become like hair cream and wont fall off.. like what the guy did! =)

Part of the station game.. passing water from cup to cup on top of your head..

Getting signatures from seniors..

ex seniors-2002

ex seniors-2006

The annual prefect camp is quite a big and important event in the prefectorial board. This brings back my memories..

Prefect camp year 2004..
-At Dusun Eco Resort.
-Hwan & I, the ketua kumpulan of kumpulan2.
-Enjoy jungle trekking at night.
-Running up and down hill during the station game.
-Being fooled by seniors.
-Being the 'parents' for 3 days in my kumpulan with Hwan.
-Not really enjoying sleeping on small rocks with only a thin carpet on it, but enjoy chit chating with other campers in the tent.
-Not really enjoying bathing with the cold water, but enjoying screaming over the cold water.
-Happy to be the pelatih perempuan terbaik
-Happy to be in Kumpulan2 which won the kumpulan terbaik.

Being a prefect is fun, tho there are up and downs, but what i treasure most is the friendship i have, and several things i've learnt and still keep on learning.. =)


Saw two cute photos posted up by my friend in his friendster.

Zoro & Tigger!!! to the rescue!!! [hwan's friendster]

Zoro & Tigger VS Ninja & Tiger [hwan's friendster]

the swords are pens..
the ninja even got a very good expression..
cute right? Xp...

Some of the nice lyrics that i really like... and also love the song itself.. =)

'That's when I love you'-Aslyn

When you have to look away
When you don’t have much to say
That’s when I love you
I love you, just that way
To hear you stumble when you speak
Or see you walk with two left feet
That’s when I love you
I love you, endlessly

And when your mad cause you lost a game
Forget I’m waiting in the rain
Baby I love you,
I love you anyway

Here’s my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
That’s when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn, The more I love
The more my heart cant get enough
That’s when I love you,
When I love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Cause the movie it made you cry
That’s when I love you
I love you a little more each time
And when you cant quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
That’s when I love you
I love you, more than you’ll know

And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that you get when you show up late
Baby I love you, I love you anyway

Repeat *
That’s when I love you
When nothing baby
Nothing you do could change my mind
The more I learn, The more I love
The more my heart cant get enough
That’s when I love you,
When I love you no matter what
No matter what

'Keep Holding On'-Avril Lavigne

You're not alone
together we stand
I’ll be by your side
you know I’ll take your hand
when it gets cold
and it feels like the end
there’s no place to go you know I wont give in
no I wont give in.

*Keep holding on
'cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
just stay strong
cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you
there’s nothing you can say, nothing you can do
there’s no other way when it comes to the truth
so keep holding on
cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through.

So far away I wish you were here
before its too late this could all disappear
before the doors close, this comes to an end
but with you by my side I will fight and defend I’ll fight and defend yeah yeah.


Hear me when I say, when I say
I believe nothings gonna change, nothings gonna change destiny
what ever is meant to be
will work out perfectly yeah yeah yeah yeah


Being an elder sister or is suppose eldest in the family is no joke.

a lot of things waiting for you to do..
a lot of responsibilities for you to take..
a lot of a lot la yea...

Sometimes.. i just feel so tired that i don't want to be the eldest one anymore. it's just too much for me.. tho since young i enjoy being the 'dai kar jie', but not now.. It's a bit too much for me.. But i guess, i'll learn... =)

Born in Christian family

I often wonder how nice if i'm born in a christian family. Everything seems to be so nice all becasue of God's grace and love. But well, i'm not.. So you guys out there who are born in christian family sholud be happy and thank God for that, it's such a wonderful privilege. I'm not complaining anyway... it's better late than never. Thank God i'm in His family right now..

--The end-- (of the "rojak" blog)