Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy 20th birthday matt...

Just to post up some pictures that taken for matt's birthday...

haha... captured a very funny picture of him... i wonder what's he's doing.. he's not even making a wish or what.. :P

The CC gang went out to watched movie, ninja turtle.. and dinner at chilis.. nyummy!!! Here comes the food!!! SLURP!!

Hrmmm... What to eat.. what to eat...

Zhong xin.. finished his 1st drink in less than 1 minute... he's way too thirsty...

the burger... dont know what burger is this but burger lar... :P

the salad... caesar salad i think.. :P

the hi-and-mighty pie... i dont get it.. it's a cake.. why pie?!

the CC at KLCC!

Next.. the following saturday after matt's birthday.. We continue celebrating his birthday. This time, with some of the CG gang and also his ex-classmate.. =)

the chocolate indulgence and the birthday boy..

the people who went to work out the surprise!

Happy 20th birthday again matt!! =)


Mattster said...

hahaha...thanks! :)

wen said...

welcum.. lunch on you 4 2 sundays yea? Xp... deal!