Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rain & Leech! + Hapyburfdaymonmon!

Today YA! had an outing at Chongkak. Yes people, not congkak, it's Chongkak. And we didnt play congkak at Chongkak. Oh well.. Xp..

So yea.. everything turns out to be okay.. except two things..
1st... the rain. 2nd... the leech!

The rain.. it rained when we gona play the Mummy game.. =( how sad rite? And i just realsie that eveytime i do games at outdoor, sure will rain. Previously was during last year's churc camp, it rained. Today, it rained too. But we did play and have lots of fun splashing water at each other. And Uncle Gan burst one balloon at my head and i got all wet..

And now.. the leech!!! Donkey leech!!! Okay first i had never see a leech before in my life. Never got any friend biten by a leech before until monica told me before she went for the OBS camp.
And today, from no where man! I feel itchy at my right foot so i thought was an ant, just scratched a while then didnt bother much about it already. But the itchiness goes on, so i look down on my foot and scratched. I saw a small black colour thingy, (remember i didnt see a leech before..) so i was like 'what is this?! Argh!!!!! Leech!!!!' Well my mind just automatically tell me it's a leech.

Yiew... i hate it... i can feel the lecch biting my foot tho it's not that painful... Well, those who are around me keep on telling me to get salt, some told me to just pull it off, then some said dont pull cause later on it'l bleed non stop. Then what?! So i shouted 'Mon!! Leech!!'. So Mon come over, and try to spit on my foot at the leech to sort of shoo the leech away, but she aimed wrongly, haha... Anyway, at last Uncle Yong just pull it off away from my foot. Thank God for that man! Then later only i realsise that donk leech bite me twice, cause got two red dots on my foot.. Anyway, do join the mon mon's Anti Leech gang man! Xp...

So that's all for Chongkak... =)

P/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MON MON MONICA!!! =) Hope you like the brownies! and the transparent bookmark! =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy 20th birthday matt...

Just to post up some pictures that taken for matt's birthday...

haha... captured a very funny picture of him... i wonder what's he's doing.. he's not even making a wish or what.. :P

The CC gang went out to watched movie, ninja turtle.. and dinner at chilis.. nyummy!!! Here comes the food!!! SLURP!!

Hrmmm... What to eat.. what to eat...

Zhong xin.. finished his 1st drink in less than 1 minute... he's way too thirsty...

the burger... dont know what burger is this but burger lar... :P

the salad... caesar salad i think.. :P

the hi-and-mighty pie... i dont get it.. it's a cake.. why pie?!

the CC at KLCC!

Next.. the following saturday after matt's birthday.. We continue celebrating his birthday. This time, with some of the CG gang and also his ex-classmate.. =)

the chocolate indulgence and the birthday boy..

the people who went to work out the surprise!

Happy 20th birthday again matt!! =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I got lots of things to do..

To study..

..Economy exam
[Aggregate Expenses=Aggregate Supplies]

AE=C+I+G+(X-M) ; AS=Y
[Pendapatan Negara=Consumer+Investment+Government+(Export-Import)]

Bocoran=S+T+M ; Suntikan=I+G+X

'Good morning examiners and fellow candidates. As candidate C i would suggest that....'
'....That's all.'
'i agree with that..'
'i dont think so..'
'Erm.. Erm.. Erm..'

Oh man... =S

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sick fella waiting here...

I'm waiting... for something... which is probably nothing...

I'm just waiting...

and here's go the song... 'why am i waiting.. why am i waiting..'

*cough.. cough*

Oh by the way... i hate being sick!!!

Shoo sore throat... dont bother me...
Shoo cough... dont bother me...
Shoo flu... dont bother me...
Shoo... Shoo... Shoo...

Well, i'm not really sick as in have to sleep whole day and eat colourful medicine... I'm just sick... That kind of sick that dont really need medicine but have to drink lots of water... My mum even leave a note saying that, 'Please drink a lot of water...' Oh.. i'm touched mum.. really... it sounded nice when she wrote in a note instead of yelling to me... Anyway.. she's a good mummy... Xp..

And yes...
I'm still waiting...
I'm still sick...