Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On 'the day'

Since i got 'before the day', i should keep it on with 'on the day'..

So on 'the day'..

Morning.. i did some painting with my youngest brother.. and we both came out with these...

Noon.. went shopping around ar JJ with mummy.. And she shop more than me lor.. Xp.. Then before we left, we ate cakes at secret recipe..

Evening.. went YA! as usual.. then there's a birthday song from d whole YA! lead by monica, thanks ppl!! Halfway thru the talk i was feeling very very sick... So i went out to breath some air.. And i saw Jian How there.. 'ok.. so he's in the list of dinner too yea?' I still feel very sick after the YA!, even in the car..

Oh ya, it's at night already. Jian how, Matt, Sue Ann and I went to The Curve to have dinner together. It's a very nice dinner.. Nice food.. and nice video... ask ann for the video if you are interested.. Xp..

So ya.. back to the main thing... the presents!!! Xp..

From Sue Ann, Elise, Tabby and Matt.. Extreme sling bag..

From the Yong sisters.. Bookmark and Hippo..^^

From Jian How..'Even though you keep on turning the thing around, the sand will still end up together. the sand are like us, no matter what.. you are still my friend.....'

From daddy!! Fossil watch.. nice and interesting watch!

And the very happening U6A-ians.. they continue to give me surprise.. some of them lar i mean.. Xp..

a photo album..

Some parts of the photo albums...

Last but not least... Oh my goodness~~ Wang Lee Hom!!! it's from Michele! thanks a lot.. ^^

Thanks again people! ^^

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