Friday, February 02, 2007

before the day

After two previous down n sad blog.. it's time for a change.. since 'the day' is near... ^^

Yup as i said.. 'the day' is near.. but not there yet.. but still i had already received lots of presents from my friends.. and also had already made 1 wish! haha... not gonna tel u.. Xp..

the super 1st present... from Yen Nie.. the ahem ahem.. the next top American model... Xp..

the love wood bookmark

Next is from jeremy.. oh well.. i get to choose my own present.. Xp..

It's two hook.. i find it cute and useful for me 2 hang my stuff..

And it's today... today my classmate gave me a BIG surprise... Ok.. the bell rang and some went out, and some stay inside.. Suddenly, the lights went off and Kah Mun came in with a cake.. and my form teacher came in with a lighter to light the candles up.. My 1st thought was.. 'wow.. so many candles eh?!' hehe..

And there goes the birthday song, 'Happy birthday to you......' and Alvin asked me to cry also.. And before i blow the candles, i make a wish... ya right, not gonna tell you.. but i heard Jing Huei asked me to say.. 'i wish to get married' haha.. nonsense.. Xp.. And i cut the cake.. using the way that Aunt Emily cut Sue Ann's cake..

Besides the cake and the song and the wish... The gift, from all my lovely classmates.. Wow.. Big big red packet! Inside every packet, there're all the memo my classmates wrote to me..

yup.. it's definetely big yea.. Xp..

Below are some of the cute cute stuff my friends wrote that are found in the red packets..

Erm.. these are from my teachers, not friends.. =)

from Jie Ying, a clever girl in academics and arts.. she kinda fold the paper and wrote 'apy b'day'

from Michele.. Wang lee hom's fans!! wohoo!

from Poey.. Pooh's fans.. as you can see.. pooh here.. pooh there..

from Kah Meng.. newspaper cutting.. a RM10's sample..

from Pei Yee.. smart girl!! she got 1st in my class..

from Qin Ting.. well.. that's her own designed Wang Lee Hom's Concert ticket..

from Seak Keem.. she wrote in the front that mentioned i'm the so called 'b'day planner'..

from Lai Ching.. the 19th tingy.. and also 2 red eggs!! hehe...

a lovely card from Kok Hoe.. We had been friends for the past 14 years!

Anyway... thanks guys and girls! i really appreiciate what you all did today! Thanks for everything!!! ^^ U6A-ians rocks!!

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Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday!

19 liao wor.. heheh.. don't worry lah.. u still young eh.

Enjoy your special day!

God bless =)