Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Yesterday night, Daddy said, 'Let's go Titiwangsa to check out the ferris wheel!'

And here we are...

'Eye on Malaysia'

Kavern, Evon n Ravern

Mummy and Daddy

According to NST.. This is a 60-metre high ferris wheel, which is the largest portable ferris wheel in the world and the first such structure in Southeast Asia.. 'Malaysia boleh' wei... Xp.. The ride takes about 30 minutes to complete a full rotation and will give a bird's eye view of the city. Not bad huh? hehe... The lights are quite nice, got super big spotlight, and lasers too.. All this is just because of the...

'Visit Malaysia 2007'

Besides the nice ferris wheel, because of the rehearsal they had last night, we saw some of the performances too.. Including some of the dances and also water ski at the lake.. And also some of the antic cars...

nice right? both the girl n the car.. Xp..

Well.. for those who are going for the open ceremony tonight.. Enjoy the crowd!! =)



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