Monday, January 29, 2007

I lost it....

I lost it... and the moment i realised it was lost... i cried... *sob sob*

Can i find it back? Is it in the school? Classroom?

Why lost it?!?!?!?

See.. Bad things happen.. again...

Please.. I wish i can find it back...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

In two weeks time

In two weeks time.. i'm going to be 19.. my very last year of my life where the '1' is the 1st digit in my age.. well i suppose i wont live until 100 right?

In two weeks time.. i'l be 19
In two weeks time.. i'l be 19
In two weeks time.. i'l be 19

Evon.. 19..

Haih.. i'm going to be 19 in two weeks time.. But i'm not feeling like 19..
What is 19? How would my 19 be?

i wish.. i wish..
whatever i wish would please God..
And He'l bless me whatever i wish..

oh my.. why i sounds so sad and down?! i should stop here and stop being so down..


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Yesterday night, Daddy said, 'Let's go Titiwangsa to check out the ferris wheel!'

And here we are...

'Eye on Malaysia'

Kavern, Evon n Ravern

Mummy and Daddy

According to NST.. This is a 60-metre high ferris wheel, which is the largest portable ferris wheel in the world and the first such structure in Southeast Asia.. 'Malaysia boleh' wei... Xp.. The ride takes about 30 minutes to complete a full rotation and will give a bird's eye view of the city. Not bad huh? hehe... The lights are quite nice, got super big spotlight, and lasers too.. All this is just because of the...

'Visit Malaysia 2007'

Besides the nice ferris wheel, because of the rehearsal they had last night, we saw some of the performances too.. Including some of the dances and also water ski at the lake.. And also some of the antic cars...

nice right? both the girl n the car.. Xp..

Well.. for those who are going for the open ceremony tonight.. Enjoy the crowd!! =)



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

happening christmas..

this is how i spend my 2006 christmas.. some of the big events below..

1st.. 23rd Dec 06.. we had our Youth Christmas Celebration.. Our emcee that day, Amos and Phoebe done a very good job in communicating with the people.. Worship leader Zhong Xin and Alicia did well in their song leading and it was a nice singing session.. Next, the group of people called 'choir', they sang really nice, and the dancers.. dance well.. Then it was the 'Messengers'.. We had practise and practise and practise.. and we did it quite well i would say... Xp.. And the games too! Led by V-Jin n Zhong Yi, nice game.. And i managed to found the 18 yrs girl who looks like the American next top model, Yen Nie..

The group where people call 'choir'


The messengers (elise missing.. picure taken on practise)

2nd.. 24th Dec 06.. Morning we had our Sunday Service. After that.. The happening CG, Dr Chew's CG went for a lunch buffet at Ancasa Hotel at Petaling street's area.. Nice food.. Nice dessert.. yummy!!! We went to an orphanage too, introduced by Uncle Simon aka Kaylee's dad. The CG bought presents there for all the kids and we enjoyed each other's fellowship..

Lai ching and her dessert... See how happy she is.. hehe

Group picture at the orphanage

At night, we have carolling!!! 1st time i shared in christmas carolling.. nervous.. hehe.. We paint ourselves red.. haha... cause suppose to wear red or white that night..

the S._.E.A.D

mon and jaclyn

me, lai ching n lai heong

the messenger (eunice missing) and marcus, posing the pooh pose

3rd.. 25th Dec.. Christmas Evangelical Dinner at KCP.. Busy helping at the reception side with ann, elise n jaclyn. Dinner was.. ok ok lar.. Choir and dancers, once again did a good job! i guess the kids had more fun with the clowns.. Erm.. sorry i dont have much picute on this day.. haha... too bad..

super belater merry christmas! Xp...