Wednesday, December 13, 2006

trips n trips n more coming soon...


Since i'm so bored.. hehe... i'l blog bout my trip... i went to pangkor with my family n two of my friends during d Raya holiday, oh ya, with my grandma along. Ya right, it's Malay's Raya but v also Raya.. hahaha...

yup.. that's my little brother, kavern at the jetty..

And we reached there and we had lots of fun time together.

they welcome us!! ^^

And erm... let me see... oh yea, we went for swimming in d pool(except me and you guess why huh?) and playing at the beach..

in the pool

playing sands as you can see..

posing in the beach.. nice pose huh?

haha.. trying to draw pictures before the waves come on wipe it off

Last photo to add on is the photo of my mum n grandma.. since they're not in here yet.. =p..

Well, i love holiday!!! ^^.. coming up next it's the KL trip.. hehe...

cyaz =)

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