Monday, December 25, 2006


On 16th Dec, a bunch of us went for a movie at Mid Valley, 'Eragon'. It was a nice movie.. haha.. The most important thing i would like to share is.. Sitting next to priscilla in a cinema is really a fun time.. hehe... or i suppose sitting besides pris's friends also very funny, right ann? And thanks a lot to jeremy, we took some photos too! =)

This are the poser.. SS-ers.. hehe...

See.. i told you guys there are poser aka SS-ers.. hehe..

This is how the Mid Valley Centre Court looks like on this year's christmas.

And these are the bunch of us who went for 'Eragon'..

And plus.. Me, Ann and Matt are so donk donk that we decided to walked to Bangsar LRT station all the way from Mid Valley. I tell you guys, it's really very tiring... =s I told myself this is the 1st and also the last time..

Me and ann, were so buzy at that night.. We run up and down, left and right, crosses small road and big roads............. just to get our 'messenger' thingy done.. and yup! it's done... wohooo!!!

'The Messengers.....Alicia, Deborah, Elise, Eunice, Evon, Siaw Lin, Tabitha'

That's all for 16th dec!! =)

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~pRisCilLa~ said...

First time i visit ur blog!
Hehe, saw ur comments in Jian How's blog ma..
Didnt plan to leave a comment till i saw my name.. Haha
What did i do? What makes sitting next to me fun?
U're the first who said that!!
give u a huge smooch!