Monday, December 25, 2006


On 16th Dec, a bunch of us went for a movie at Mid Valley, 'Eragon'. It was a nice movie.. haha.. The most important thing i would like to share is.. Sitting next to priscilla in a cinema is really a fun time.. hehe... or i suppose sitting besides pris's friends also very funny, right ann? And thanks a lot to jeremy, we took some photos too! =)

This are the poser.. SS-ers.. hehe...

See.. i told you guys there are poser aka SS-ers.. hehe..

This is how the Mid Valley Centre Court looks like on this year's christmas.

And these are the bunch of us who went for 'Eragon'..

And plus.. Me, Ann and Matt are so donk donk that we decided to walked to Bangsar LRT station all the way from Mid Valley. I tell you guys, it's really very tiring... =s I told myself this is the 1st and also the last time..

Me and ann, were so buzy at that night.. We run up and down, left and right, crosses small road and big roads............. just to get our 'messenger' thingy done.. and yup! it's done... wohooo!!!

'The Messengers.....Alicia, Deborah, Elise, Eunice, Evon, Siaw Lin, Tabitha'

That's all for 16th dec!! =)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

trips n trips n more coming soon... [2]

What's next after Pangkor? back to KL... hehe...

1st we went to visit.. the very very old musuem.. well the last time i was here was... erm... during my primary school days.. or perhaps still in pre-school.. haha....

us, ravern, me, lai heong and lai yan.. n a train..

The museum.. quite bored.. They show the different cultures of different races in Malaysia.. And they sort of make new things and add more stuff in musuem, it seems to be bigger than last time...

Next we went to the planetarium. And again it was closed. I went there 3 times before. 1st time was when i was quite young with my parents, 2nd was with my family and an old friend of mine. 3rd was this time then. Every single time i went it was closed... =.="

this is a sculpture symbolises space and time. Time is portrayed through smooth flowing lines while space is depicted by the position of the spheres representing the planets. The Arabic numbers denote man's endeavour in understanding the universe.

Then we also went to Tugu Negara and Orchid Farm..=)

Okay! that's all for KL trip... Coming up next.. the Malacca trip... =)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

trips n trips n more coming soon...


Since i'm so bored.. hehe... i'l blog bout my trip... i went to pangkor with my family n two of my friends during d Raya holiday, oh ya, with my grandma along. Ya right, it's Malay's Raya but v also Raya.. hahaha...

yup.. that's my little brother, kavern at the jetty..

And we reached there and we had lots of fun time together.

they welcome us!! ^^

And erm... let me see... oh yea, we went for swimming in d pool(except me and you guess why huh?) and playing at the beach..

in the pool

playing sands as you can see..

posing in the beach.. nice pose huh?

haha.. trying to draw pictures before the waves come on wipe it off

Last photo to add on is the photo of my mum n grandma.. since they're not in here yet.. =p..

Well, i love holiday!!! ^^.. coming up next it's the KL trip.. hehe...

cyaz =)