Sunday, November 12, 2006

Prayer items

Someone send me this message..

'oh, just want to ask. Any prayer items?'

OMG... I usually dont really think about it.. And now when i really think about it.. there's A LOT!!

1. Pray that i'll love God as Duet 6:5 commands..
'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.-Dueteronomy 6:5'.
Everyone claims to love God but claiming is a thing, and whether you really do it, whether you really love Him is another thing.

2. Pray that i'll love my enemy, or perhaps people i dont like, i hate... well.. people who i dont love..
'But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you-Matthew 5:44'
Yup.. Love my enemy.. Well.. Enemies i suppose.. See it works out so true you know? as in it wriiten there 'enemies' but not 'enemy'. I can list it out, i got lots of enemy, well maybe not, just people who i dont like or dont love.. well.. enemies.. Enemies dont mean people who i dont love or people who i dont love is not my enemy supposingly right? Ya, i had successfully confused myself.. And i hate hating people, i fell so so guilty where i am a christian should love my enemies but i continue hating them.. Argh.. Anyway... But... Hallo!!! it's not easy k? well i suppose it's not easy for everyone ya?

Well.. these are some of it.. just a part of my prayer items ya my dear.. (the dear i'm addressing to is the person who asked if i got any prayer request, you know who you are..=) )

I dont expect you guys out there to pray for me in a specific way by listing out all my prayer items.. Just pray that i'l pray about my prayer item ya? hehe... but if you dont mind, please do so to pray for me.. i found it more 'powerful' if someone out there do pray for me.. =) thank you...

tata... =)

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