Friday, May 12, 2006

Say 'tata' to work...

Yay!!! i m not working already...

Last day of work. What happen?

Well, 5 of us.. Charlie, Izan, Shanice, Sharon and me went to JJ. We had secret recipe for lunch. And after our meal, we ordered cake. Choc banana, mango delight and oreo chesse. And well, i posted that they didnt smashed cream on me.. but.. this very naughty Izan who is already 2 kids mum took the mango delight cream and *piak* the cream was on the left side of my face. Well, it just got some very cold feel.. After that, this Sharon also took 1 spoon of cream and smashed on me.. =.=" And they said that's the way to make me remember them.. but anyway.. Thanks a lot for the 4 of them..

Maybeline lipstick.. my very 1st lipstick i guess.. hehe.. they said: 'so next time when you make up must remember us oh...' hehe...

This is an Abloy padlock keychain, thanks to izan i got this. hehe..

And that's me of course.. at my work place..

That's all... my work just end here.. and study coming soon lor... yay! hehe..

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